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Jan Fried - the master who gave us the movie

This man was shooting a variety of films from gaming to documentary, mostly on his own scenarios. But his business card became musical pictures and operettas, adapted for a wide screen. So, meet - Jan Fried - director and screenwriter. His paintings have been an integral part of Russian cinema for several decades, like the comedies of Eldar Ryazanov and Leonid Gaidai. Having looked at any of them today, I want to revise it tomorrow.

Biographical information

Ian Borisovich Freed (born on the birth of Yakov Borukhovich Fridland) was born on the last day of May 1908 in Krasnoyarsk.

He began working as a brother in 13 years in the military hospitals of his native city. Parallel to this, the young Yan Fried studied at the rabfak. He worked in Barnaul as the head of the drama club, and in Vladivostok he directed theater workshops. For two years he was a hudrok TRAM in Novosibirsk, then in Leningrad as a director. His life from the very early age was filled with workdays and a lot of impressions.

At the age of 23 he received a diploma from the Leningrad Theatrical Institute (directing faculty). And at age 30 he graduated from the directing department of the VGIK, where his mentor was Eisenstein himself. A year later he was already teaching at the Leningrad Conservatory. In 1966 he became a professor at VGIK. Jan Fried went all the way to Berlin.

How it all began

A young director made his debut in Chekhov's Surgery. In this comedy the figures of the Soviet cinema were shot: Merkuriev, Ilinsky, Moskvin. It took only a decade and a half, and Fried swung to Shakespeare. He made a strategically correct decision to screen one of his plays - "The Twelfth Night". For the main role, the director invited a young, but very talented actress Clara Luchko. For her, this was a kind of experience in the cinema, because this time she had to play two roles - the twins Sebastian and Viola.

This film has become one of the most successful and genuinely, kindly ridiculous adaptations of Shakespeare's works, which had a worldwide success. The cast was truly magnificent: Alla Larionova, Vasily Merkuriev, Mikhail Yanshin. George Vitsin performed one of his best acting roles in this film.

Mid-twentieth century

During this period of his life Jan Fried works on films that are devoted to the modern realities of life: "Spring troubles", "The road of truth" and others. Until the beginning of the seventies, he shoots films of various subjects, but then he stops exclusively on the genre of musical cinema. The first film he produced was "Farewell to St. Petersburg", which tells of Johann Strauss-son, who came to Russia for some time.

Masterpiece Master

Yes, the great director was Jan Fried. His filmography is almost limitless, each picture as a small masterpiece. The director himself was very gentle, kind and intelligent person. He, like no one else, knew how to work with actors in a variety of ways: young and venerable, inexperienced and professional, with a heavy character and easily going on about the suggestions of the master.

Yan Borisovich was very warm about the actors he worked with. He loved and respected them. I tried to create for them the most comfortable conditions for the shooting process. Fried perfectly understood: the better he will arrange everything during the filming, the more will work with all the actors and the better will be the final result. Thanks to this correct approach, everything worked out as well as possible. Not for nothing that he was very often shot famous artists of Soviet cinema.

Vitaliy Solomin played in "Silva" and "Bat", Vasily Merkuriev in "Farewell to St. Petersburg", "Twelfth Night", Margarita Terekhova and Nikolai Karachentsev perfectly embodied the images in "Pious Marta" and "The Dog in the Manger". But the set of the musical film "Free Wind" proved crucial for one of the actresses who played in it. Tatyana Dogileva, while working on the picture, met a man who later became her husband. It was the screenwriter Mikhail Mishin.

A galaxy of stars in a new reading

Ever since his first film, Fried Yan Borisovich tried to work exclusively with Soviet theater and film actors, who were always ahead of the rest of the world. He gave them completely new opportunities in the realization of their creativity. Fried had a true vocation to discover talents. After all, he launched into the orbit of the Soviet cinematography known now Anna Samokhin, who proposed the role of Maritana in "Don Cesare de Bazane", Natalia Tenyakova - the same woman Shura from "Love and Doves." Lyudmila Gurchenko and Nikolai Rybnikov first came to the big screen in his film "The Road of Truth". Such a list can be almost indefinite: Bruno Freindlich (Alice Freundlich's father from the "Service Novel"), Nina Urgant (a nurse from the "Belorussky Station"), a beautiful mid-twentieth-century film Alla Larionova, Mikhail Yanshin.

Fried Ian is the director of a huge number of magnificent Soviet paintings. He always tried to collect on the set of his films amazing actors' team. With great respect and love the director treated them, easily and sincerely "forced" to respect and love them. Yang Borisovich could so much develop the skills and talents of actors that everyone who saw the result was surprised and amazed.

In "Silva" Ivar Kalninsha, Nina Alisova, Pavel Kadochnikov are seen quite different. Operetta "Bat" - an unforgettable duo of the brothers Solominyh; Larissa Udovichenko, a refined Lyudmila Maksakova, a sweet and funny Alexander Demyanenko, appeared here surprisingly easy. From the classic work of Tirso de Molina, Fried created what was later called the musical "Pious Marta". There he also called exclusively favorites: Margarita Terekhova, Nikolay Karachentsev, Emanuel Vitorgan, Pavel Kadochnikov.

The last film of the director was "Tartuffe", which he shot at a very respectable age (85 years). Music for his paintings, which became instantly hits the airwaves on television and radio, came out from under the pen of Gennady Gladkov.

Vivat, the king, vivat!

The life of the great director was amazing and long. It accommodated the history of a great country: from the Civil War to the Great Patriotic War, from the birth of the Leningrad Film School to its luxurious formation. Fried spent 64 years teaching and directing.

Yan Fried, biography Which is respected by anyone who read it, in the early nineties of the last century with his second half actress Victoria Gorshenina moved to Germany, the city of Stuttgart. Victoria Gorshenina, by the way, also starred in his films: the viscountess in "Don Cesare de Bazane", the Countess Ekenberg in "Silva", Madame Pernel in "Tartuffe".

The life of the director ended on December 19, 2003. The wife survived him almost for eleven years.

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