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Reviews: GearBest. Chinese online store

Imagine how many online stores sell their visitors every day? The lion's share of this volume is taken, of course, by the largest portals like American or Chinese sites. And what is remarkable, if the leaders were always the first, then the latter showed excellent results relatively recently. But the effect of entering the market of some shopping centers was extremely bright.

One of the most popular (at least in the CIS countries) is the GearBest store. It does not differ from its competitors in appearance: the portal is realized in the form of a catalog, which consists of one and a half dozen categories. Each of them, in turn, is divided into several sections, in which hundreds of thousands of things are represented. Some of them are regularly sold, and the store further develops. As the resource becomes more popular, more people around the world will find out about it.

But let's leave aside the ambitious plans of the owners of GearBest. The online store is not a single service of its kind, so you still need to try to attract as many people as possible and thus "grab" a piece of traffic. And in this article, let's talk about what the store is and what is useful here.

Hundreds of headings

Each of the sections is divided into rubrics. Going to one of them, you immediately understand the overall structure of the site: they all include hundreds of thousands of products from a huge number of manufacturers. All goods posted on the site are available for purchase from anywhere in the world - for a special promotion and at the same time at a reduced cost. That's why the online store, which we are reviewing reviews (GearBest), is really among the leaders of this industry.

The assortment is always the key to success for buyers. The GB project can be accurately attributed to this category - here thousands of transactions are made every day. Part of the funds the company picks up as a commission for services, and the other acts in the form of taxes, various fees and other. It turns out a kind of closed Chinese cycle, which leads to the prosperity of the economy of this country. And in parallel on the basis of this (and a number of other) projects, shopping centers convenient for shopping are being created, in which the whole world is making purchases.

What can I buy?

What products does the Chinese GearBest store represent? First of all, this is the widest catalog of electronics and accessories for it. In particular, we are talking about smartphones, tablets, various players and recorders, electronic products for the home and for sports and much more. In addition to this section, there is also "Everything for cars", for example, where various "lotions" for your car are offered: rugs, stickers, moldings and so on.

Of course, there is a heading "House", which also housed a lot of things that will find use in the dwelling to create additional coziness. And of course, as the reviews have shown, GearBest is a platform for selling a huge amount of clothes and shoes for every taste.

In fact, everything that can be of interest to a modern Internet buyer is available here - and all this is offered by the store at the most reasonable cost.

Price list

Indeed, describing this store reviews GearBest called the catalog with very affordable goods. Like, from many Chinese sites on it you can get the desired thing as cheaply as possible. At the same time, the quality of the product itself, as well as the level of service, does not differ from other Internet resources of this topic.

How to make sure that here is really cheap? As the reviews say, GearBest can simply be compared with those resources that conduct similar activities. It is very easy to do this. It is necessary to select a number of key units of the goods and compare them with the same lots on the remaining resources. When we did this with Xiaomi devices, several screen protectors on the screen, as well as small accessories for the kitchen, we were able to see for ourselves.


Here they like to use the word "discount". GearBest generally conducts some actions, provides goods at a reduced cost and entices people to sell products. In fact, there are even several permanent sections where the relevant information about such events is placed. This allows the buyer to filter out the information he needs to find out more.

Do not stint here and on GearBest-coupons. The scheme of working with them is elementary - this is a digital and alphabetic code that lowers the cost of a thing for a certain amount. Even when registering on the site, each is provided with 10 coupons of $ 5 each. They can only be used with products worth more than $ 50. However, even so you can save a lot if you buy a set of goods.

Plus, of course, do not forget about global promotions like some holiday discounts or something like that.


The service offered in the "Pre-order" section is also interesting. It contains information about models that will enter the market after a certain time. That is, here they are announcing the output of certain goods (this concerns mainly gadgets). Thus, the buyer can order a lot of interest at a slightly reduced price within a certain period. On the day when it ends (and you can find out directly on the product page), all orders will be processed. Pretty convenient, agree!

The form of pre-order, as the reviews about GearBest in Russian show, are actively used by those who wish to save a little by ordering some technological novelty. At the same time, of course, this form of work is also available with many other products, not only with devices and equipment.

Create an account

So, what do you need to get started with the store? Of course, register. In general, on GearBest, registration is not more difficult than on other resources. You just need to provide information about yourself in order to be able to place orders at the address designated by you.

In addition, the site has the opportunity to connect using social networks to simplify the task of the buyer. In this case, there is no need to confirm your mail and come up with a password for logging in. And you will ultimately need to just enter your location - where the delivery of the goods will take place.

It's very easy to point the GearBest address - it's a classic form with the city, the county and the street on which you live. Naturally, you should also specify your house and apartment. Again, this information will be taken into account when sending the lot.

Product search

Having started an account, you can start the procedure of finding things that interest you. This is done in many ways: starting with the usual search form, which in the drop-down box will show you the best matches with your phrase, and ending with the survey of the categories presented on the site, as well as links to third-party resources, where a description of good things is given.

To understand how coupons work on GearBest, apply them to the desired thing and correctly format it, you need, of course, to get a little comfortable on this resource. However, having done it once and successfully taking your parcel, you will be ready to continue shopping on this site, buying all new products at "tasty" prices.


In order to settle with the store, there are no problems - there are several payment methods available. After all, according to the scheme of his work, with GearBest the parcel can be sent only after the money has arrived at the store account.

Here, unfortunately, there are no such forms of calculation as Webmoney, Yandex.Money or Qiwi - the most common payment systems on the territory of the CIS. Nevertheless, it is permissible to pay with credit cards or PayPal system, as well as some foreign services - for residents of Western countries.


What recommendations can be found by buyers on this site? In the course of the searches, we found a number of customer reviews, which in every way praise GearBest in Russian. People emphasize that there are actually lower prices for certain categories of goods; That the store has a wide range of interesting products that are actively purchased by thousands of customers; That in the support of the online store in every possible way they try to help the buyer understand the current situation or problem. And in the end it turns out quite well.

There are, of course, many negative reviews about the site. In them, buyers tell about the violations on the part of the store terms, which were specified in the information about the product. This can be, for example, sending a lot that does not meet the specifications, or the low quality of the packaging that caused damage to the product, and so on. All this, of course, additional trouble for the buyer, who has to write complaints, wait for consideration of his ticket, argue with the support team and prove their case.

In some cases, as the reviews show, GB representatives even refuse to return, although the truth is still on the buyer's side. These are all really problematic cases, which can become a warning against shopping in the store. But judging by their number, such problems occur infrequently, so each of us has reason to risk and order the things you like.


What can be an alternative option for ordering goods other than GearBest? In fact, there are a lot of them - we are talking about similar online stores of goods from China. It's like the companies selling themselves (DX, TinyDeal), and the platform where buyers and sellers of the same goods (Aliexpress) come together. In their form all these resources are very similar to each other, the difference is only in the assortment and prices.

Nevertheless, if you have never bought on the site described in this article, we advise you to try - maybe you will be satisfied with the service, and you will be able to make a profitable purchase.


On how to buy on GearBest, we told. A little information about what this store represents, we also managed to convey to you. Even information about negative reviews and possible problems that sometimes arise in the process of interaction between the buyer and the seller, we also managed to get.

GB - this is a large online store, where you can really find a lot of useful things at an affordable cost. To each of the goods purchased here you can find feedback from people who have already made such a purchase - so the risk of "getting on the money" is not that great. In case of problems, there is always the opportunity to file a complaint and demand a refund.

Thus, the interests of the buyer are protected, but he is granted a number of discounts on class goods that interest him. So why not try to work with this service? After all, if it's cheaper here than the competition, then it's a signal that it's right here to buy. Moreover, becoming a regular customer of this resource, you will be able to receive an even more loyal system of discounts, low prices and, as a result, more pleasure from online shopping.

Therefore, we can only wish you successful shopping! Buy with pleasure, including on the site GearBest!

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