Blood thinning medications to restore blood quality

When there are violations of blood quality associated with its acidification, thickening, increasing cholesterol, its main function is significantly hampered - transportation to the cells of all useful nutrients for their vital functions. Slowing down the blood flow leads to significant disturbances of oxidative processes in tissues and in all organs. Maintaining the blood quality is to keep it within the normal homeostasis, which can be achieved by taking blood thinning medications. Such a recovery program includes various enzymes that promote alkalization of liquids, and vitamins.

Before taking blood thinning medications, you should understand the causes of blood thickening. Everyone knows that blood plasma is almost 85% water, which has its structure, weak alkalinity, a certain mineralization and low surface tension. The use of chlorinated, destructured, uncleaned and aerated water, which has a high surface tension, leads to the fact that the organism expends a large amount of cell energy for its transformation.

An equally frequent cause of violations of the formula of blood is enzymatic deficiency. Enzymes promote the complete breakdown of proteins, after which amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids enter the bloodstream. The lack of enzymes leads to the accumulation of under-oxidized degradation products of protein and other molecules, resulting in a violation in the blood of biochemical processes. Due to such disorders, the gluten of erythrocytes occurs, which leads to cellular and tissue oxygen starvation.

Another reason for the thickening of the blood is the lack of minerals and vitamins, especially zinc, selenium, lecithin and vitamins C, E, and A.

There are drug-diluting drugs, such as warfarin, dabigatran, heparin, rivaroxaban, which have a pronounced anticoagulant effect. Since these drugs require a special diet at the time of treatment, they should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor. Blood thinning drugs, most commonly used in cardiology, are trental and aspirin.

Often the question arises as to which products dilute the blood. The most commonly recommended products containing aspirin in kind are seaweed , kefir and koumiss. The most effective way to dilute the blood is the regular consumption of fish oil, both in the form of the drug itself, and with the consumption of fatty fish. In a week it is necessary to eat fish at least three times. Products containing vitamins E and A, folic acid and potassium, also perfectly dilute blood. Garlic, chili, artichokes have a unique ability to ease the condition, restore oxygen balance, microcirculation and normalize fat metabolism.

In nature, there are medicinal plants that dilute blood. So, the willow bark contains natural aspirin, so broths from it contribute to the normalization of the blood formula. Excellent help with thickening blood and infusions of nettle, dolnik yellow and decoctions, infusions, alcohol tinctures from horse chestnut.

Another great tool is the use of decoction from the roots of mulberry. It is prepared from 0.2 kg of crushed roots, which are poured into 3 liters of water, the solution is infused for an hour. After infusing the roots, the pan is placed on a fire, where the broth is boiled for 20 minutes. Cooled and filtered broth stored in the refrigerator. Take it in a glass three times a day before eating for 5 days. Then you need to take a break for 3 days, after which the course is repeated a couple of times.

Blood thinning medications such as ginkgo biloba or lecithin also help in this case. Ginkgo-biloba normalizes all metabolic processes at the enzyme level and strengthens the walls of the vessels. Apply the drug usually 2 times a day for 1 capsule. The use of lecithin reduces cholesterol and improves microcirculation. Apply it once a day.

The course of taking all medications that promote blood thinning, lasting 2-6 months, should be carried out under the guidance of the attending physician.

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