Chain of stores "VkusVill": customer feedback, product range

Without preservatives, dyes and artificial additives - to find such products on the shelves of the capital's supermarkets is almost impossible. Meanwhile, citizens are increasingly thinking about their own health - the prefix "eco" and "bio" always attracts the attention of buyers.


Reviews about the stores in which the real "milk" is sold, meat, semi-finished products, fish, vegetables and fruits began to appear four years ago. It was then that the managers of the "natural" brand "Izbenko" decided to expand the assortment by numerous requests.

The capital food market submitted to businessmen not at once. The first "Izbanka" store was opened in 2009, but due to the incorrectly chosen promotion strategy, the entire project was in jeopardy. Gradually, for the network, they created their own corporate style, began to arrange festive store openings and began to listen to customers.

When the network of "Izbenko" consisted of 100 outlets, entrepreneurs decided to launch the "VkusVill" project. Customer reviews today only confirm the correctness of the chosen path. The embargo on imported products only strengthened the company's position in the market, and many people first heard about stores where you can buy delicious and natural products.

About suppliers

Belief in the Russian manufacturer is the motto of supermarkets "VkusVill". Product reviews mark high quality, which does not surprise the company's specialists. Work of technologists consists of three stages:

  1. Looking for a reliable manufacturer. The quality control system and capacity are evaluated, the documentation is checked.
  2. Tasting. Samples of products enter the main office, where research and evaluation of taste begins. At this stage, tips can be made to change the formulation. The results of verification are passed to the manufacturer.
  3. Opinion of experts. After the formulation is approved, samples are again brought to Moscow, which this time is estimated by an independent laboratory.


Every night, before sending to the counters of supermarkets "VkusVill", the party of products checks its own quality department. In addition to the role of controllers are vendors who monitor the compliance of the expiry date of the goods.

And, finally, one of the main sources of information is the buyers themselves. Heads of the company are ready for dialogue - hundreds of comments, suggestions and feedback are received daily through social networks, forums and the hotline.

Reputation "VkusVill" is the result of a lot of work, therefore it is very important to choose suppliers here. Farmers who deceived the confidence of consumers, disappear forever from the list of customers.


The first product, from which buyers begin acquaintance - milk "VkusVill." Reviews mark the familiar taste of childhood and a short shelf life (5 days), which once again indicates the naturalness of the product. This milk can sour, so it is very easy to cook cottage cheese or curdled milk from it.

As we have already said, the company's executives listen to the opinion of buyers, therefore, on the official website of VkusVill, the reviews are presented as positive or negative. At the end of 2015 there was a deterioration in the quality of whole milk - when boiling instead of foam, an unpleasant fatty "thick" appeared. Most praise milk from suppliers of the Kaluga region.

As for the prices, the packaging of milk (900 ml), depending on the percentage of fat, will cost 45-55 rubles. Reviews recommend adding other containers - 250 and 500 ml.

Baby food

In the "milk" section are cream, "boiled", "condensed milk", melted milk, various types of cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and butter, as well as products from mare and goat milk.

A special category of buyers is young parents, who are distrusted by ordinary children's curd with a two-week shelf life and a strange consistency. For presentation in the children's section "VkusVill" the manufacturer must pass the necessary certification.

Milk food is prepared only from pasteurized milk of the highest grade. In the composition of fruit and vegetable juices and mashed potatoes you will not find substitutes and cheap additives. Among the young gourmets, cottage cheese with various fruit additives (apple, pumpkin, strawberry, apricot and pear), which has a shelf life of 6 days, is popular among young gourmets.

Natural curd without fillers is made from sourdough and normalized milk by special technology. A mixture of milk, several types of juices, mashed potatoes from seasonal vegetables and fruits, curds and kefir - for experienced parents parents increasingly choose the products "VkusVill."

The customers' reviews mark the excellent quality of kefir from the Bryansk region. When a new supplier from Tatarstan appeared in stores, an immediate reaction followed. Kids refused to drink a new yogurt, and adults noticed a sour taste. Fortunately, "Micron Vasya" again returned to the counters.


Dairy products, of course, remains the backbone of the stores "VkusVill." Regular customers' reviews tell in detail about the producers with a good reputation. Of course, it is impossible to describe the whole assortment within the framework of one survey.

Drinks, seafood and fish, fruits and vegetables, cooking, meat gastronomy, desserts and sweets, alcohol, poultry and meat, conservation and groceries - in each section there are more than 20 items. However, constant demand for residents of large cities enjoy frozen semi-finished products.

From ordinary ravioli and cutlets "VkusVill" products are distinguished by their excellent composition - without baking powder, soy, thickeners, flavor enhancers and water-retaining additives.

Quality pelmeni with beef and pork from the manufacturer from the Kaluga region was confirmed by the expertise of an independent laboratory. Experts noted the absence of starch and vegetable protein, as well as the lowest salt content in dumplings "VkusVill."


The taste of real minced meat with spices, the preservation of the shape after cooking and the aromatic broth - in all respects these are "home" dumplings.

One of the main disadvantages of semi-finished products is the price. For those who are not ready to pay 450-500 rubles per kilogram of ravioli, the range offers inexpensive options for a quick dinner with chicken breast, squid and cod, with lentils, duck and cranberries.

In the semi-finished section they also sell pancakes with various fillings, vareniki, vegetable and meat cutlets, meatballs, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and frozen dough.


A lot of positive feedback was received by the company's managers when the "VkusVill" - cosmetics appeared. Feedback about the work of the new supplier - the laboratory IvaVerde - exceeded all expectations.

The collection includes the following items:

- Lip balms;

- deodorants;

- means for sunburn;

- Handmade soap;

- caring and decorative cosmetics.

All products are distinguished by a superb composition. In ordinary stores, you are unlikely to find a face cream with a shelf life of 4 months. Cream "Moisturizing and Care" IvaVerde contains a mixture of oils (almond and avocado), aloe vera juice, plant extracts and water from a sea source. The product is perfect for the face and body.

Reviews note the light texture and the lack of greasy shine. A convenient dispenser allows you to extract the required amount of cream. A bottle (volume 30 ml) will cost 380 rubles.

Remarks of fine customers concern a specific smell (due to the lack of chemical perfumes) and a plastic tube (natural ingredients are more "friends" with glass bottles).

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