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The recipe for fish batter

Clar helps to preserve in the product (meat, fish, vegetables) all juices and nutrients. Thanks to the dipping into slices of food, not only the useful properties of food are saved, but the food itself acquires an attractive and appetizing appearance. A delicious aroma and unusual taste of a fish dish acquires, if in the recipe for a fish batter add spices, grated cheese, finely chopped fragrant herbs, chopped nutmeg or walnut. With the help of batter, you quickly prepare a wide variety of dishes for a casual and festive table.

Tasty and healthy sea fish is best suited for cooking the main course of any snack in batter. You can, of course, buy fish fillets, but it's better to cut the whole fish for cooking this dish.

Fish are necessarily washed and cut into small portions in the form of strips, rhombuses, circles, squares, etc. Then the pieces of fish are slightly salted, sprinkling with lemon juice. If desired, fish can be flavored with special spices for fish.

How to cook fish dumplings? For its preparation, two main components are needed - flour and eggs. In addition to them, the composition of the batter always includes any liquid (water, beer, vodka, wine, sour cream, milk, kefir, etc.). For example, if you submit white dry wine to the fish , it can be added to the liquid bread pan. When preparing batter, it should be taken into account that it should be a homogeneous creamy consistency, without lumps. Making it more dense, you get a patty with the fish inside. The more liquid dough will cover the fish with a crispy golden crust. What kind of recipe for fish fishes to choose, it's up to you, each of the options is good in its own way.

Try to cook with a beer. For this, take one or two eggs and mix them with 100 grams of flour. Then gradually add the beer to the mixture to get the consistency you need. Do not forget about salt and spices.

If you prefer the exotic, please cheer your stomach with Chinese gluten. It is thicker than the usual batter, and it includes crushed ginger, sweet pepper, soy sauce, starch and grated onions.

For nuts lovers, we offer a recipe for a fish batter with walnuts (100 grams). They need to be ground, add whipped eggs to the mixture (1-2 pieces). Then pour in the flour (50 g), salt and spice to taste. And now it's time to dilute the claret with white dry wine to creamy consistency.

After the fish is prepared for frying, and the claret is mixed, it's cooking time. The fish dips for a few seconds in the clay with the help of a fork and is laid out on a frying pan or falls into a fryer. To each piece was evenly fried, it should be turned over several times during cooking. Fry fish in batter for about three minutes. Once the fish pieces are covered with a beautiful ruddy crust of dough, tender and juicy fish in batter is ready. We spread it on a dish sprinkled with chopped herbs, decorate with parsley sprouts, cilantro, basil or dill and serve. Your relatives and guests will be delighted with tasty and nutritious fish in batter.

Vegetable oil in the container, where there is cooking, should be a lot. Extra oil after frying fish in batter is easy to remove by laying fish pieces on a paper napkin or towel immediately after roasting.

If you like to experiment, cooking fish batter gives you this opportunity. In this liquid dough, you can safely add various ingredients that are loved by your family. The recipe for fish can be used as usual for us products, and exotic: soy sauce, crushed olives or olives, greens, pickles, leeks, garlic, gherkins, grated potatoes, ginger or carrots and much more.

Surprise your friends and relatives, please them with new dishes!

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