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What's happening in Rio: first impressions and results

The Olympiad began in Rio de Janeiro, a grand opening was held, billions of people around the world saw it, but its further coverage by the media is rather laconic, which is even surprising. Spectators probably would like to feel the unique atmosphere of the exotic Brazilian capital, through the screens of their TVs, as if to inhale the hot tropical air, densely saturated with the aromas of coffee, the sounds of samba and shaken by the passions of wrestling. Instead, they are offered dry tables of medals and fairly scanty reports. Some information, however, seeps through the sieve of the officialdom and gives a definite idea of what exactly is happening in Rio.


The fact that Brazil is clearly not enough money to compete with Russia or China on the quality of preparation for the main sporting event, there is no big secret. However, despite many shortcomings and even a threat of complete breakdown, the discovery was still held, it was colorful, bright and memorable. Moreover, under the economy of the celebration, a serious ideological and conceptual base is put in place, with which no sane person will turn the language to argue - the ecological problems of the planet. The Olympic bowl is small - and rightly, there is no need to smoke the sky, breaking the ozone layer. Seeds of different plants, handed out to athletes for mass seeding, are also a wonderful symbol of a careful attitude to nature. The abundance of choreography perfectly characterizes the cultural identity of the Latin American country and the fiery temperament of its citizens. In general, the Olympiad in Rio has opened brightly, and attitudes toward the ceremony can not cause negative emotions - after all, when a hospitable, albeit a poor master, takes guests, only the most stubborn guest will reproach him for the inadequate splendor of the meeting.

Household and technical conditions

Unfortunately, the criticism of correspondents and journalists on the poor quality of communication is not without foundation. The Internet fails, it is difficult to report, and at the beginning of the third millennium such technical problems raise questions to the organizers. In the premises of the press centers located in the socles under the stands of the stadium, it's stuffy, and in the open air, despite the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere, it's hot.

However, "feather sharks" came to Rio to work, and not to rest, and this process involves some hardship. As for athletes, they are in more difficult conditions, and all in the same. Russians are especially attracted to doping commissions, they are already accustomed to this, and from the attributes of comfort they quite enough soul, toilet and beds.

Criminal situation

For many athletes and team members, the Olympics is not only an opportunity to demonstrate the highest achievements, but also the opportunity to see such a distant and unusual city as Rio de Janeiro. However, fully enjoy the atmosphere of the Brazilian capital is not all, and such attempts are not without risk. Theft, robbery and attacks of experienced beggars lie in wait at every step, there were already episodes of the return of several team members to the Olympic village in their underpants, and a group of athletes successfully fought off the attack, and they turned out to be Russians. Caution is recommended to show to all guests, their many local residents perceive as a source of profit, and it is practically impossible to combat this unfortunate phenomenon.

Sympathy and remorse for him

This story occurred shortly before the opening of the Olympics in an airplane flying to Rio. On board were members of the Russian and Ukrainian teams, which quite peacefully got along in the salons of the aircraft. This, as it turned out later, seemed to some to be fundamentally wrong. The friendly communication of athletes contradicted some ideological orientation, implying the demonstration of some confrontation with the representatives of the "aggressor country". In response to the journalistic question about the opinion regarding the unfair treatment of Russian athletes, Ukrainian colleagues, relaxed by long flight and mutually interesting conversations, expressed sympathy and moral support. Several hours passed and they had to repent in their own softness in an organized manner and to justify themselves by the fact that their Russian "propaganda" media had "slashed" their interviews. This episode causes great regret, because athletes simply have to be courageous and not be afraid of bureaucratic cries. By the way, the Ukrainian team has not yet received a single medal.

The first Russian gold medal

On August 6, the victory of Beslan Mudranov brought the first gold medal to the Russian national team. The athlete became the Olympic champion in judo in weight up to 60 kg, showing the best skill than representative of the native land of this sport of Naohisa Takato (he has silver). You can be happy for the bronze medalist Dierbek Urozboev from Uzbekistan. The weight of the victory over Smetov, who was before the world champion, adds and the fact that Mudranov won it with an injured hand, showing considerable courage. At the moment, Russia is in seventh place with five medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals), but there is no doubt that the result will be increased.

How Bild covers the Olympics

The promise of the representatives of the popular tabloid not to tell their readers about the Russian achievements at the Games in Rio is carried out with German punctuality. Thus, the information resource expresses a protest against not only the hypothetical state support for the use of doping (which remains to be proved in court), but also the decisions of the International Olympic Committee that allowed the Russian national team to compete. In the tables of medal tests published by Bild, Russia, as it were, does not exist at all. This, of course, is not a very effective way of expressing one's position, because there are other sources of information, but this gesture speaks volumes. Ignoring the objective reality is symptomatic. A logical continuation of this line would be the publication by Bild agency of a politic map of the world without a designation of the territory of the Russian Federation.

Floating sofa and other curiosities

Information that a certain kayak athlete was in the water after his boat collided with a semi-submerged home interior object, has not yet received official confirmation. It is possible that this episode is also fictitious, in favor of which says the lack of information about the rower's team. More credible is the report on the rifle pool, which got into the Olympic media center. Fortunately, in spite of the populousness, it did not hit anyone, but this fact was recorded by many who were present at the incident that occurred on August 6. On the same day, an explosion exploded near the finish of the cycle track, however, according to Sky News sports commentator Scotty Stephenson, who has a source in the police, he was arranged by law enforcers who decided in this way to neutralize the suspicious object they discovered. Perhaps there were other exciting moments, but they, probably, the world community will become known later.


The information about the Russian team's booing during the Olympic parade at the opening of the Rio-2016 Games, spread by the Ukrainian media, does not correspond to reality. It is possible that someone from the Kiev delegation whistled while performing the Russian anthem, but very quietly and imperceptibly.

The extent to which the previously published information about the disastrous unavailability of Rio to host the Olympics is also still to be assessed.

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