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How to lubricate the chain of a bicycle?

Almost every person in one way or another knows how to ride a bicycle. Someone does it well, but some do not. But in any case, keep in the saddle and keep the balance can almost everything. In summer, you can enjoy the open spaces, admiring the beautiful views and feeling the wind on your skin - all these pleasures will give you a bicycle. As you must, you must also give him something in return.

Care of a bicycle

If you buy yourself a two-wheeled friend, then you assume full responsibility for its safety and full functioning. Do not entertain yourself with dreams that you will get a bicycle and can simply use it for a long time. A bicycle needs very good care, so before you spend money on a purchase, think about how you will look after it, what tires will be chosen, than to lubricate the bicycle chain - in general, consider all the details of further handling. If you are not ready to take responsibility for the safety of a two-wheeled friend, then do not waste money, because all the same, the waste will turn out to be empty. If you still realize that later you can meet with serious difficulties, but with honor with them you will cope, then safely choose the model you like. And get ready to find out what to lubricate the bike chain.

Cleaning the chain

If you already have the oil you got from your grandfather, do not rush to immediately lubricate the bicycle chain to them. Firstly, it may not be suitable for your bike, and secondly, it must first be cleaned first. It does not matter which oils and greases you use, if the circuit is dirty, then any attempts will be useless, and you will simply waste the material. Therefore, first you need to arm yourself with a rag and clean the chain properly. Check each link, because every detail is important, and if at least one link is jammed, you can still have problems or at least unpleasant feelings when driving. A polluted chain always resists pressure, so you will have to apply more force than required.

Lubricant selection and lubrication process

A bicycle as a means of transportation needs maintenance, so you should stock up on quality lubricants in advance. And if you still do not know what to lubricate the chain of a bicycle, then the answer is already prepared for you. Popular oils and lubricants are available in two versions: a lubricant-spray and a lubricant in a special jar. The first option is suitable for those who are in a hurry, but the sense of it is not enough. The lubricant is sprayed onto the chain, but only a tiny part of the material gets directly into the links, most of it settles on the chain itself, and a certain amount will easily contaminate your frame or shield. Therefore, if you are tormented by the question, than lubricate the chain of the bicycle, it is better to buy the lubricant in the jar, since it is much more convenient to use and apply grease you can evenly and accurately. And when using oil, it is best to use a syringe, since it will significantly reduce both the lubrication time and the consumption of the lubricant.

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