Alerana - stimulator of growth of eyelashes and eyebrows: reviews, efficiency and composition

Over time, even the owners of chic eyelashes and eyebrows face many problems associated with them. Because of the daily use of mascara, eyelashes begin to break down and fall out, build-ups also do not have the best effect on their overall condition. There are many ways to cure eyelashes and make the eyebrows thicker, for example, for a while, give up cosmetics. But not every fashionista will agree to such methods.

Cosmetic industry offers a variety of remedies for cilia restoration, the most popular is the growth stimulator of eyebrows and eyelashes. Alerana, according to the girls, really works. Today we suggest to familiarize yourself with this tool, to consider its composition, price, to find a cheaper analogue. Of course, do not forget to write opinions about the means of women.

What is this product for?

To prevent or stop the loss and fragility of eyelashes and eyebrows, experts recommend using special tools. Today we propose to review the means for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Alerana and Elma have proved themselves on the best side, so let's talk about them. So, why do you need to have such products in service?

Feedback on the growth stimulator of eyebrows and eyelashes Alerana argue that the tool should be used not only for those who are faced with loss or fragility, but also for women who are by nature not as thick as they would like. Another stimulant is great for prevention. Indeed, why wait until the eyelashes will need emergency help?

Many are accustomed to caring for the face, body and hair and do not realize that eyebrows and eyelashes need no less than daily care. If they are not provided, they will grow dim, thin, loach, break and fall out. The unique composition of the growth stimulator of eyebrows and eyelashes Alerana is designed to combat all kinds of ailments related to these hairs. What attracts the tool?

24 hour care

Alerana (a stimulator for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, reviews and prices for which will be provided in this article) is a means designed for the implementation of round-the-clock care. Specialists have developed two formulas - day and night care. The components are absolutely compatible, but in each formula the ingredients that are able to work with the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes at different times of the day are laid.

A lighter oil formula is ideal for daytime use, because it can be applied under make-up. At night, the contents of the vial containing the active oils are used. Reviews about the stimulant growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Alerana argue that the discomfort of oil does not cause. After application the product is quickly absorbed, does not pinch your eyes when you get on the mucous membrane.

Composition of a daily product

So, we have already said that this is a two-phase product, and the components for day and night use are different. Which ingredients will look after the eyebrows and eyelashes from morning till night?

  • Panthenol;
  • Extract obtained from nettle;
  • Ceramides;
  • Sodium hyaluronate;
  • Taurine;
  • Eleutherococcus;
  • chestnut.

A remedy consisting of these components is applied directly in the morning, after washing.

Composition for night care

The second remedy, which you will use at night, contains many oils. They will actively restore your eyelashes and eyebrows:

  • Castor oil;
  • Almond oil;
  • burdock oil;
  • jojoba oil;
  • Vitamin E.

The growth stimulator for eyelashes Alerana, intended for night care, is applied to the hairs after evening washing.


The manufacturer recommends using the tool in several courses. To achieve the desired result, both day and night use are necessary. One course lasts from a month to three, depending on the condition of the hairs. Periodicity of use - twice a year. It is applied with a special brush, it is advisable to avoid getting onto the mucous membrane, especially the night composition, since it contains castor oil, and it can cause irritation. Do not use people who are allergic to ingredients.

Judging by the reviews on the stimulant for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, Alerana does a really good job. Girls write that the tool is able to restore eyelashes, but the effect is required to wait, for this the manufacturer recommends using the course treatment.

Out of the minuses, a short period of storage of the drug in an open bottle is given - only three months. That is why the purchased product can not be used for a second course, although the funds are still sufficient. They say that this is a little expensive, since one course will cost 600 rubles or more, that's what Alerana costs. But there are reviews in which girls are advised to buy for two, "throwing" money. So it turns out less expensive!

What is the expected effect?

What effect did the girls using the stimulator of the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes Alerana achieve? Reviews serve as proof of what the manufacturer promises. And he assures that the components that make up the facility are capable of simply doing miracles. More specifically, almost all noted that eyelashes and eyebrows became darker, that is, the pigmentation in the hairs was normalized. What else did you get from Alerana?

  1. By improving the saturation of the hair follicles with nutrients, the eyelashes and eyebrows became thicker, longer.
  2. The structure of the hairs is completely restored. They are not shaggy, do not break, they become smooth, silky.
  3. Perfectly restores the structure of eyelashes after their build-up. Broken hairs grow faster.
  4. Protects eyelashes and eyebrows from the negative impact on them of the environment.

So, we promised to review the oils for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Alerana we thoroughly studied, now we suggest to get acquainted with the product Elma.

What it is?

This tool is also designed to make the crotch and cilia become more healthy, thick and strong. Studying the feedback on the stimulant for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Alerana, you can see the recommendations of the girls to use Elma. Out of the advantages of the money, the price is set at about three hundred rubles, which is two times lower than the product discussed above. In addition, the manufacturer assures that the open vial will be stored for at least two years, which again makes the stimulant more profitable.

In the comments of women it is noted that Elma is an analog of Alerana. The product has the same properties, that is, makes the eyelashes and eyebrows more magnificent, normalizes pigmentation, strengthens growth, strengthens, prevents loss. What components are required to a tool that works this way? We reviewed the composition and decided to submit it in this publication. Judging by it, Elma is not a complete analogue of the means with which we have already read.


If Alerana is used twice a day - day and night, Elma is used only after evening procedures. In one bottle there is a remedy able to give health and beauty to your eyebrows and eyelashes:

  1. Oil burdock contained in the product, familiar to everyone from childhood. It nourishes the hairs from the bulbs and along the entire length, so that the eyelashes and eyebrows become more shiny, look silky.
  2. Castor oil gives the hairs softness, perfectly moisturizes them.
  3. Milk thistle is a natural antioxidant. Its extract is added to a skin regenerator, because its health is reflected in the health of eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, milk thistle can reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
  4. Nettle softens the hairs, saturates them with vitamins. In this case, it is able to remove irritation and inflammation from the eyelids.
  5. Vitamins E and A, acting together, slow the aging of cells, restore hairs and skin.
  6. Vitamin PP is aimed at removing the dryness and flaking of the skin of the eyelids.
  7. H - vitamin, restoring the structure of eyelashes and eyebrows, normalizing pigmentation.
  8. Hyaluronic acid is known for its wonderful properties. It prevents aging, helps restore the amount of elastin and collagen.

Mode of application

If you purchased a growth stimulant, do not use it as a dressing table dressing. So the effect will not reach. The remedy should be applied every evening, especially if you like daily to paint with mascara. To restore your eyelashes and eyebrows, you will need to apply this product after you have removed your makeup in the evening.

Use a special brush to apply a small layer on the eyelashes and eyebrows. Operate gently so that the stimulant does not get on the mucosa, it can cause irritation. The product should be on the hairs for fifteen minutes, after which the remnants must be removed with a cotton disc (dry).

What means to buy to you is a personal matter. The girls left wonderful reviews about Alerana, and about Elma, and we just introduced you to the products in more details.

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