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Fried chanterelles: recipe with onions, potatoes and sour cream

It is believed that mushrooms - this is not a food of prime necessity, that without them you can completely manage. But what they are delicious, that only because of this they are worth trying. Especially chanterelles are a valuable species of fungus, which is not so often today can be found in natural places of growth. By the way, they are popular in European countries, where they "participate" in cooking "high" cuisine. What is the success of these little red mushrooms? In their structure (fleshy basis), natural taste and compatibility with other products. Especially good are fried chanterelles, the recipe of which does not require the presence of special ingredients. The main point - that the mushrooms were fresh, well washed and peeled. It is advisable to know where they grew. After all, as is known, mushrooms are a sponge that absorbs from the environment not only good, but also bad. If everything is in order, then boldly cook fried chanterelles.

Recipe with sour cream

Required product bundle:

- fresh mushrooms - 0,5 kg;

- sour cream fresh fat - 150 ml;

- onion - one piece;

- salt, oil (vegetable) for frying.

Preparation of chanterelles fried with sour cream

Peel the chopped onions with half-rope. Send it to a heated frying pan with butter. Fry, stir. When a golden shade (in any case not burnt) appears, mug the chanterelles. Before that they need to be washed, small ones left intact, and large cut into slices. Also, for insurance, mushrooms can be boiled first. Now mix the mushrooms with the onions, fry until the chanterelles completely give all their moisture. The main thing, do not miss the moment when they can already burn - throw sour cream, salt, stir, cover and stew for 10 minutes. Immediately on the table do not serve, even if a couple of minutes are saturated with taste, aroma and juices.

Fried chanterelles. Recipe with potatoes

You will need these products:

- fresh chanterelles - 0,5 kg;

- potatoes raw - 1,2 kg;

- onion - 2 medium heads;

- garlic - 3 slices;

- oil for frying, salt, bay leaves (3 leaves).

Potatoes and fried chanterelles: recipe

You need to start with mushrooms. Purify, rinse, boil water. Throw the chanterelles into it, bring it back to a boil and cook the mushroom for 15 minutes. Drain the water by putting it in a colander. Then rinse with cold water. Garlic crumble, along with a bay leaf, send it to the heated oil in a skillet. When the garlic gets flushed, get it with a laurel with a noise. Now put the fried mushrooms, onion and potatoes (cut into strips) into a pan. Stir. When chanterelles and potatoes take up a crust, cover and stew until cooked. Shortly before this salt.

Chanterelles fried with onions

Prescription components:

The main ingredient is fresh chanterelles. They need 200-300 g;

- onions - 1 piece;

- salt pepper. Fry in creamy butter.

The process of making chanterelles with onions

Mushrooms first rinse, boil, drain water. Rinse again with cold water. Cut the onion into small cubes and roll into a frying pan with melted butter. Wait until the caramel shade appears, put the mushrooms. They can be cut into plates, and small ones can be thrown entirely. Chop the onions and chanterelles, add salt and fry over high heat to evaporate the moisture. Then cover and simmer until the mushrooms are thoroughly prepared.

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