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Ceiling design: how to design your own sky

An important component of the overall situation is the ceiling design. It can be simple and concise, so as not to distract the attention of the observer from filling the room, and can become an accent, the semantic center of the whole room.

Thinking over the design of the ceiling, it is important to focus on the appointment of a particular room: it depends on it, often whether the ceiling is in the zone of attention of residents. For example, in a bedroom, people pay attention to him much more often than in a bathroom or kitchen.

Ceiling Lounge Design

The living room is the semantic center of any house. It is there that we invite guests, it is there that we have the most "talking" things, according to which we can judge the tastes and preferences of the owners. The design of this room can be completely different: from the studio with art paintings on the walls and antime furniture for relaxation to the elegant hall in the classical style with massive furniture from precious wood.

And in either case, you can leave the ceiling monophonic, and you can experiment. A large field for such experiments is provided by stretch and suspended ceilings. They can not only vary in color and shade, but also create complex designs from several levels, build niches, lamps and decorative elements. Especially it is worth noting the technology of creating a starry sky with the help of optical fiber on the tension ceiling. It allows you to turn the entire area of the room into an observatory, and create a "window into space", which will periodically change its position of the planet and constellations, shine galaxies and sweep the comet.

Of course, such a specific ceiling will best decorate the designer rooms, in which the expression of the idea through the design prevails over the functional. Premises in which simply it is supposed to work or live, it is possible to finish easier.

Ceiling for bedroom

The ceilings with built-in light are very popular in the bedrooms. Spot lights not only allocate a certain area, for example, the head of the bed or a dressing table, but also have the function of adjusting the brightness, which is especially valuable in the room for sleep.

The design of the ceiling in the bedroom should be soothing and relaxing with its appearance, so for this room it is desirable to choose a calm and monochrome colors. In addition to smooth colors, gentle natural motifs, wallpaper with floral ornament or art painting on the theme of the sky with clouds, sunset or moonlight will suit.

children's room

Making out the children's room, you can find a way to translate any of your ideas: cartoon characters, stories from fairy tales or cute toys - all this finds its place within its walls. Just do not oversaturate the design, otherwise the child will find it difficult to concentrate in the room, constantly something will distract attention. This principle is also true for the ceiling: it is easy to nail a flock of butterflies and birds, but will this be of use? It is better to use from 1 to 3 figures, on which to emphasize. In the room for girls, flowers, butterflies, fairies or hummingbirds will be actual, rockets and airplanes will be suitable for boys. The images are most appropriate over the playing area, where they can be combined with spot lighting of the built-in lamps.

Bathroom Ceiling Design

The ceiling in the bathroom should be finished with materials that are able to withstand high humidity for a long time without deforming and not becoming moldy. For these purposes, there are special types of drywall and stretch ceilings, which have additional waterproofing and fungicidal impregnation. If you want to see in your bathroom an art painting on the ceiling, take care of choosing paints that will not suffer from heat and moisture, or cover the picture with a special protective compound.

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