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Wallpaper flower in the interior: tips designers

Floristic motifs are a tool that designers have been actively using in recent years. Fashion trends allow you to use wallpaper in a flower in the interior of the bedroom, kitchen, living room - almost anywhere. However, there are a number of important rules that need to be known and observed, enlivening the walls with similar coatings. So, what is worth remembering, so that the result does not turn out to be excessively colorful and elegant?

Wallpapers with flowers: balance

First of all, it is worth to evaluate the print of the wall covering, which will be used for repair. If the drawing is large and bright, the furniture will require such qualities as brevity, neutrality. Ideally, if it turns out to be monophonic, like accessories, which should be few. The space will not look overloaded if the only bright spot is the wallpaper in the flower. In the interior, decorated in the style of country (or similar to it), it is allowed to depart from this rule.

Thinking about the design of a country room, it is not forbidden to combine wall coverings and furniture with floral designs. You just need to abandon the bright colors, large prints.

Picture size

The area of the room is an important factor that must not be forgotten. Wallpaper in a flower in the interior of a small room should have a small print, otherwise it will decrease visually. If there is a large area, the reverse decision is allowed - the size of the picture can be anything from small to large.

An interesting solution for a small room will be one wall, decorated with a coating with a vegetative pattern. For the rest, single-color materials suitable for color are used. This option will help visually "spread out" the space.

Shades and pictures

Making "vegetative" materials only one wall and using more concise options for the three remaining ones is a popular solution that has its own rules and limitations. An important point is the combination of colors in the interior. Wallpapers with floral motifs include a minimum of two tones, each of them should look harmonious next to the canvases used for other walls.

A universal option that organically looks in any environment - beige, cream, white coatings. If the goal is a more vivid result, you can choose a tone depending on what color scheme has a shade. For example, blue patterns on a white background will look good when paired with blue covers for other walls.

Playing a role is not only a combination of colors in the interior. Wallpaper with floral patterns do not necessarily combine strictly with monophonic wall materials. Optimal figure-companion is able to become a striped print. You can also consider options such as strict geometric shapes, a cell.

Create a style

The materials used to decorate the room walls directly affect the style of the room, which it is dangerous to forget when choosing wallpapers. Large flowers in the interior of Art Nouveau or Boho look organically. While for "rural" or classical directions, rather, a small, low-key design is actual.

Fashion ideas: bedroom

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior of the bedroom - it is always true, but when choosing the finishing materials it is important to consider the fashion trends. The English-style room is an ideal place for experiments with floral motifs. It's great if the field flowers perform in the role of ornament, romantic shades are welcomed, for example, pale pink, gentle blue tones. The final finishing touches will be live flowers as accessories.

The minimalistic style of the bedroom will help to emphasize monophonic coatings, endowed with embossed ornament. Alternative solution - the use of "vegetable" wallpaper only as a small insert that occupies part of the wall (or one of the four walls completely).

At the height of fashion now are wallpaper in a small flower. The bedroom interior is a great place to experiment with such materials. With their help you can emphasize the romantic style. Also this idea will organically look in the room of a young child.

Fashion ideas for children

Obviously, the atmosphere of joy and ease should triumph in the nursery. Wallpaper with flowers in the interior will help you easily cope with its creation. Bedrooms intended for children are mainly divided into two or three zones. The site, which is used for sleeping and rest, is best to decorate with monophonic coatings, executed in gentle tones.

The game zone, on the contrary, is to be decorated with bright materials, large flower patterns are allowed , and several colors are combined. The main thing is that both sites do not "conflict" with each other.

Of course, in the nursery you can use floral wallpaper and for all walls. However, it is better to dwell on different coverages, having formed a recreation zone with a variant with small, delicate plants.

Fashion ideas: living room

Flower accents are endowed with a fashionable and spectacular view of the living room, no matter how big it is. The correct choice of brightness and character of the pattern will help to lodge in the room an atmosphere of splendor or brevity, make the design ultra-modern or classical.

The emphasis on one of the walls will help create large-format coatings. It's great if they have large flowers. This will create an effect of approaching the wall, other elements of design will go to the background. The solution is relevant primarily for modern styles, but can also fit into the classics when choosing the right shades.

You can use wallpaper of different colors in the interior of the living room or stop at the effect of a single space. When choosing the latter option is best to use light materials, decorated with small ornaments. It is also important to pay attention to the frequency of the drawing - it should be large. By the way, such wallpaper organically looks almost with any elements of furniture, there will be no difficulties and with accessories.

Fashion ideas: cuisine

Floristic motifs are appropriate to use in decorating the kitchen. Despite the marquess of light materials, it is desirable to give preference to floral coatings in light colors. The creation of a solar atmosphere will be effectively helped by warm shades, relevant for such areas as provence, country.

Fashion trends recommend breaking the kitchen space into zones, for each using different coverings. Wallpaper two colors in the interior will help separate the cooking zone from the site where the table and chairs are located. Bright and large patterns are allowed, but only for one of the zones, the other should remain neutral, monochrome or with a discreet ornament.

An interesting solution, which is often addressed by designers, is the repetition of the pattern of the "flower" wall in the decoration of furniture. It's just a piece of furniture, for example, upholstery chairs. Alternatively, you can play the picture with a few bright accessories.

Fashion ideas: anteroom

People who believe that frivolous plant motives do not have a place in such a room as the hallway are mistaken. "Buds" can be located on the walls of the entrance area, and it is appropriate to use any drawings and tones.

If the hallway is small and you want to visually increase it, the wallpaper of two colors in the interior of this space will prove extremely useful. The main rule - the elements of floral design should be on a pastel, gentle background.

Large flowers as patterns are not forbidden, but the room should be large, perfectly illuminated. It is desirable to confine one wall, decorated with such a coating, even if the room is large. At the same time, you must leave it completely free from nearby furniture.

Large flowers

Large floral patterns are an excellent choice for those who want to give the room an ultra-modern look. To help solve this problem, coatings on which several large plants are applied. Such an ornament in most cases occupies the entire wall. Making an accent on one of the walls using these wallpapers, the rest should be left neutral. Experiments with tones and shades are welcome, the most daring can try calling combinations like violet, blue and white.

Having selected one of the walls with a bright coating, do not force it with furniture. Figures should be clearly seen, otherwise the result will be the opposite of the expected or even vulgar.

"Support" colorful wallpaper will help accessories. For example, you can add drawings in the form of red flowers on a light background of carpets, pickings for curtains, sofa cushions in the same tones. If large accents overload the room, you can confine yourself to a pair of small vases.

Original solutions

Wallpaper "stone flower" in the interior look universal, flawlessly fit into any styles. It is best to create with the help of such coatings a design in the spirit of modern style, country, provence.

In fashion, photo wallpapers returned, including models with floral patterns. Use them to design an entire room is not worth it, it is better to confine one wall. The most popular at the moment are large patterns, colors are relevant, from red to black.

Those who are afraid to decorate the wall surface with a floral wallpaper will benefit from panel inserts. For example, such a decor is easy to place behind a sofa, at the head of the bed.

Another interesting option - interior stickers with floral patterns. With their help, the situation can be revitalized without resorting to drastic changes. Products are not only easy to apply, but also quickly removed, absolutely leaving no traces.

Floral wallpaper can save a boring interior or, on the contrary, ruin it. To the latter did not happen, it is enough to follow the simple rules suggested above.

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