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Master of Apartment Repair Or Specialized Company?

As you know, repairs in a residential building are comparable to a natural disaster. It's no secret that it consists of several types of work, the number of which depends on what kind of repairs you have started: cosmetic, capital or euro. We all know perfectly well that the quality of repair and finishing works depends on the quality of the materials purchased, on how well the room is prepared for repair, and on how accurate and competent the master is. The professionalism of a specialist is of great importance for a person who orders repair services. But how to understand who is the best? And what is more correct to choose: a service provided by a private apartment repairman or a team?

For a long time in our country the master-private traders enjoyed great popularity, and now it is impossible to say that they have moved away from the affairs. "A good man with his hands" was usually searched through acquaintances who, from their own experience, knew what abilities a specialist has: he will lay the tiles and wallpaper, and the ceiling will whitewash, and repair the plumbing. However, such universals-self-taught people have never been, they are now in great demand. Therefore, we had to apply to different people, whose hands are "sharpened" for a specific job. And this is a waste of time and money, of course.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, business activity ceased to be illegal. Therefore, there were specialized brigades and companies that began to provide repair services for living quarters in an organized, high-quality and in a short time. Because in their state there are all necessary specialists who can take on any work. The private repairman of apartments has received the worthy competitor. Currently, choosing between the private owner and the repair company, people are often guided by the prices for services: it's no secret that private traders request less. However, giving preference to the "universal", you are significantly at risk, because you can not know how well it will perform the work, even if it was praised to you.

Masters working in the team work much faster, because they work at the same time (this is especially true when it comes to repair and finishing works in several rooms). Previous experience gives them the opportunity to work so as not to interfere with each other. Moreover, if urgent repairs are necessary, they can work in two shifts, performing a noisy part during the day, and a noiseless part at night.

Today, very many people buy housing in the primary market. Practice shows that they have to settle in not quite ready-made apartments (even if the developer assured them that cosmetic repairs will be made ). Therefore, the repair of apartments in new buildings is very in demand. Can handle this private master? Probably yes. But for how long? A team of professionals will carry out this work much faster. As for the price, it is always possible to order a certain part of the work, without which it is difficult to find the necessary comfort, and the rest for the time being put aside.

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