Cosmetic repair is a great way to renovate the room!

Cosmetic is called a type of repair, in which the appearance of the apartment, the house or the facade of the building is changed , but this does not happen at all in cardinal constructive transformations.

What is the repair of the facade of the building?

The facade is the "face" of any structure. Well-groomed and beautiful, it is an ornament of a city or other settlement, and also testifies to the prosperity of its owners. Cosmetic repair of the facade should be carried out at least 1 to 2 times a year, otherwise more time-consuming and costly measures will be required.

Climatic conditions that exist on the territory of Russia, and many other factors lead to a gradual destruction and loss of a pleasant external appearance of the building. The plaster flakes off, the tiles fall off, the colorful coating loses color, chipped and cracked.

The facades are destroyed for a number of reasons:

  • Weather changes in temperature;
  • High humidity;
  • Multiplication of various microorganisms, molds, mosses;
  • Toxic emissions of vehicles, industrial enterprises.

Professional facade repair begins with cleaning the walls from peeling plaster, paint and processing with special solutions for the destruction of fungus and other microorganisms.

Types of works:

  1. Sealing inter-panel seams. It includes construction works aimed at protecting indoor premises from dampness, heat leakage and drafts.
  2. Plaster of facades. Over 80% of homes in Russia have plaster facades. This is a reliable and not too expensive type of work.
  3. Application of colorful coatings. For this purpose, special facade paints are used that are resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation, as well as increased moisture resistance.
  4. Facing with marble, granite and other types of tiles.

Services for performing facade cosmetic repairs are provided by numerous repair and construction firms and organizations. For the repair of high-rise buildings, the work of climbers is used.

What is the repair of apartments cosmetic?

It is carried out for the purpose of external updating of already existing designs and design solutions. It is considered the most simple and budget option.

Types of work in the cosmetic repair of apartments and houses:

  1. Preparatory: removal of old plaster, wallpaper, tiles and other external coatings.
  2. Plastering of walls and ceilings.
  3. Replacing old wallpaper with new ones.
  4. Painting walls and ceiling.
  5. Grinding of floors and coating them with varnish.
  6. Replacement of platbands and plinths.
  7. Replacement of tiles or other facing materials.

To redecorate a long time, you should use the highly skilled labor of builders. The desire to save on payment can affect the quality of the work performed. The consequent remedial work and the costs for them may be more significant than all the previous ones. Therefore, it is better to apply to proven construction companies that are well-deserved authorities and not to use the services of unknown persons.

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