Sprain. Treatment and prevention

Such an injury, as a sprain of the ligaments, happens most often in people who lead an active lifestyle. Some professions also provoke this disease.
The main causative factors are traumatic damage (tension) and overvoltage (large loads for a long time).

The severity of injury is determined by three levels:
I degree - rupture of several fibers of a ligament, accompanied by a small pain;
II degree - moderate pain, swelling of the tissues, determined by incapacity for work.
III degree - characterized by severe pain due to rupture of the ligament with subsequent instability of the joint.
A common injury is muscle damage or damage to the joint of the muscle and tendon, stretching of the ligaments, the treatment of which is necessary. The most severe pathology is expressed by a complete rupture of joints of muscles and tendons, accompanied by severe pain with loss of contractility of the muscle itself. Musicians, workers of conveyors, cashiers, typists suffer from sprains, due to repeated movements for a long period of time, that is, from overexertion (10-20%), athletes account for 30 to 50% of injuries of this kind. A serious degree of damage due to overtraining is ligament sprain. Treatment is determined by the presence of constant pain, which violates the state of physical activity. And also tendon injuries can be manifested by tendinitis (destruction of vessels with signs of inflammation), tendonosis (rupture of fibers within the tendon), tenosynovitis (inflammation near the tendon sheath).
Types of damage caused by overtraining:
- elbow joints - tendons and muscles are damaged while playing tennis, golf, baseball;
- knee joints - with the appearance of friction syndrome or otibial tract, when tendons become inflamed from intense running, foot movements during swimming, inflammation of the tendon of the patella, which suffer from high jumpers, basketball players, volleyball players, especially when the training begins before the end of the recovery period After an injury;
- Shoulder joints - with tendon inflammation of the biceps arm muscle;
- patella bursitis, accompanied by pain, locally - edema, temperature increase in the patella bag. Reason - repeated injuries;
- Inflammation of the Achilles tendon, manifested by pain in the heel, or leg (posterior surface), as well as swelling and thickening of the tendon.
Stretching of ligaments - treatment includes two directions:
- first aid;
Treatment of sprain.
When the first symptoms appear, medical care consists of the following actions: we anesthetize, we rest the injured limb (pressing bandage, in case of serious trauma - immobilization by tire application), locally - ice, to prevent severe edema - give the limb an elevated, comfortable position. As a result of assessing the general condition of the victim - the conduct of symptomatic drug therapy. Transportation of the victim to a specialized trauma department, where stretch treatment will be performed.

After the diagnosis is established, the treatment is carried out by trauma doctors.
Tension of ligaments: treatment includes the entire volume of medical care in accordance with the degree of damage. This anti-inflammatory treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation therapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy.
All appointments, when the ligament is stretched, the treatment methods, the amount of medical intervention, the duration of the recovery period after the injury, the timing of the end of treatment and the determination of the disability after the treatment is determined by the doctor.

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