Projects of a two-story house with a garage. Advantages and disadvantages of such buildings

What could be better than a country house, where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Today, more and more people are deciding on the construction beyond the metropolis. But many of them need to go to work every morning, and at home they need to put a car somewhere. Therefore it is quite logical that many of them are interested in projects of a two-story house with a garage.

Choice of materials

After making the final decision to start building your own housing, you need to think about what it is better to do it. Over the past few years there has been an increase in demand for projects of two-storey houses with a bar with a garage. This is because the tree is considered one of the most environmentally friendly, natural building materials. It perfectly preserves heat and creates a healthy atmosphere. In addition, wooden buildings that do not need the construction of a powerful foundation, are much cheaper than brick analogues. Modern woodworking enterprises produce several types of timber:

  • Regular rectangular is considered one of the most budgetary options. One of the most significant shortcomings of such a bar is its fragility, so it needs a mandatory exterior finish.
  • Profiled used for high-quality and rapid erection of walls and eliminates the need to caulk gaps. The houses built from it can not rot and have excellent thermal characteristics.
  • Glued beam is one of the most expensive and durable materials. Such projects of two-story houses with a garage are preferred by those for whom the quality and speed of work is important. In this case, the erected building does not require additional "upholding", and immediately after the construction is completed, internal work can begin.

Features of construction

Those who are considering the projects of a two-story house with a garage, should pay special attention to a few nuances, which largely depends on the level of comfort of future housing. First of all, it is recommended to determine the location of the entrance to the garage. It can be done from the side of the house or from the street. An important role is played by the size of the internal parking. If your family owns more than one car, then this also needs to be taken into account. Choosing projects of a two-story house with a garage, it is worth paying attention to the presence of a well-designed ventilation system, cellar and observation pit. According to the unwritten rule, you can not equip the garage in the basement floor. Otherwise, the harmful fumes emitted by gasoline will inevitably permeate the house, and this is fraught with serious consequences.

Pros and cons of houses with attached garage

Each owner has the right to decide independently where the garage will be located. It can be attached, built-in or equipped in the basement. However, considering the projects of a two-storey house with a garage, it is necessary to take into account a number of such moments, as financial possibilities, features of soils and the area of the site itself. Combined projects have many advantages. First of all, they save space. Two-storey houses give an opportunity to significantly increase the living space and do not occupy a lot of land. In addition, one compact building has a more aesthetic appearance than the finished in different styles and scattered throughout the site buildings. Such houses are multifunctional. The attached garage can be equipped for a home workshop or a utility room. It is very convenient to store sledges, skis, baby carriages and bicycles.

The only weighty drawback of such houses can be considered the possible penetration into the living areas of the smell of gasoline and exhaust gases. To protect yourself from these troubles, it is recommended to equip a quality forced ventilation system and build a closed vestibule separating the residential and economic parts of the building.

Two-story houses with a garage: projects

Photos of similar buildings can be seen on the pages of specialized publications. But any of them must be adapted for a specific site. In order to avoid possible inconveniences arising during the operation of the constructed house, it is recommended to take into account the planning features, the ratio of the total and living space, as well as the nuances related to the comfort and safety of living at the design stage .

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