Plastic windows: customer reviews of companies. Rating of companies producing plastic windows

Classical wooden frames for windows can be attributed to materials whose departure from the market is inevitable. They are replaced by more reliable, durable and functional profile systems made of metal-plastic. And if in the case of other designs, natural building materials can still compete due to their ecological compatibility and the provision of a natural microclimate, in the case of windows this factor does not save timber. The fact is that manufacturers today produce environmentally friendly and harmless plastic windows.

Customer feedback on the companies that are presented below, will help to understand and other properties of window profiles of different brands, which will in the future make the best choice when buying.

Assortment of PVC windows in Russia

To begin with it is necessary to understand, what variants of windows are presented in the domestic market. Actually, the model line as a whole is diverse, but all proposals can be divided into three main categories. The first group includes products from foreign manufacturers, which comes from abroad. Further it is possible to note foreign models, which are produced by Russian producers of plastic windows. The Moscow region in this respect is the main platform for the production of euro windows. In Nakhabino, Golitsyno, Orekhovo-Zuevo and other cities, Veka, Rehau, KBE, which can be attributed to the leaders of the segment, were organized.

The third category is less known to the consumer, but it deserves attention. These are windows from Russian companies, which are manufactured and developed by domestic specialists.

Reviews about Veka

With Veka it is worth starting to review the reviews related to German manufacturers. Profiles of this company are produced in Russian cities, among which are Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk. Among the advantages consumers note a large selection of profile modifications, which makes it possible to glaze the loggias, balconies and living rooms with different requirements for heat and noise insulation. In particular, the company offers designs with a different number of cameras (up to 6), which improves the performance that the plastic windows are endowed with.

Customer feedback about firms of German origin is usually positive in terms of reliability, but negative in terms of cost. Veka can be called an exception, since while maintaining a consistently high quality, the manufacturer seeks to keep prices within certain limits, attracting new customers.

Reviews about Rehau

If we limit the criteria for determining the best window manufacturer to sales volumes only, then Rehau will undoubtedly win the championship. This company has been operating in Russia since 2002, releasing its products in Gzhel. During this time, the domestic consumer managed not only to be charmed by the brand's aggressive advertising, but also to be convinced of the integrity of the producers. In the perception of the average user, Rehau plastic windows are the standard of quality, functionality and reliability. Indeed, the manufacturer not only strives to maintain the high level of product performance set up many years ago, but also introduces unique technological ideas. Many of the developments in the design and fittings, which are now used in PVC windows everywhere, were once introduced by Rehau.

Among the disadvantages that customers note, it is worth noting only the high cost - however, the characteristics of German window systems fully justify these investments.

Reviews about KBE

If Rehau can claim the status of the leader in terms of sales, the manufacturer KBE is one of the oldest brands that represent German PVC windows in Russia. Users note the build quality, impeccable thermal insulation and the reliability of the hardware, which is supplied with the "KBE" designs. Voskresensk and Khabarovsk - the main site for the manufacture of windows of this brand in our country. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the profiles produced in Germany are absolutely in line with Russian analogues. This similarity has more than once been confirmed by tests and tests - including from the organization "Rosstroy."

Consumers also appreciate such windows primarily for performance. In particular, KBE company provides its products with high sealing, frost resistance, and also introduces a unique gray seal in the design, which, according to the owners, not only performs its immediate function, but also visually expands the space of the room.

Reviews about the company Salamander

This brand does not belong to the leaders in the sales of PVC windows, but its quality is not inferior to the advanced brands. We can say that Salamander is an undervalued brand, under which there are quite solid and affordable systems. Consumers praise the plastic windows Salamander for the use of high-quality plastic, as well as almost ideal surfaces.

In addition, you can see the weld at the junctions, which is not only almost invisible, but inside provides a reliable connection of the elements of the structure. Also, the manufacturer does not save on hardware, using first-class components and accessories. These elements lay the foundation of the window structure, extending its operational life.

Reviews about LG Chem

The South Korean manufacturer of window systems LG Chem is little known to the domestic consumer, nevertheless, small plants use standards of similar companies in order to reduce the cost of production. For example, LG Chem technologies are used by manufacturers of plastic windows in Nizhny Novgorod, at the output offering quite acceptable in quality designs. Owners of such windows positively characterize their design, noting the beads with a rounded shape and the original external bevels of the frames. Do not greatly lose windows LG German giants and in regard to thermal insulation. According to consumers, several factors contribute to high rates.

First of all, this is certainly a multi-chamber system, which includes up to 5 compartments. Next, I must say that LG Chem is one of the few manufacturers that has its own unique extruder manufacturing. Therefore, despite the overall budget of the windows of this brand, the plastic used in them has very good performance characteristics for thermal insulation.

Reviews of the company Funke

Company "Funke" can be put on a par with the largest European manufacturers of windows, although it is bypassed even by some budget brands. Anyway, many people love the company for a number of special characteristics. The main among them is the use of accessories from the company "Zigenia". It is thanks to it that users note the reliability of the mechanisms of window construction, as well as its ergonomics.

At the same time, the manufacturer of plastic windows Funke regularly introduces new technologies. One of the latest projects was the production of drainage flexible pipes from rigid PVC. In this case, as an additional filter, specialists plan to use elements with coconut palm fibers.

Reviews about Proplex

Under the brand Proplex come out window systems of Russian production, but based on Austrian developments. The owners of such designs note that they are able to compete with the best German profiles in terms of thermal insulation. For example, plastic windows Proplex retain a favorable microclimate at a temperature of -30 ºC. In other respects, there are no special requirements for products, since it is still a brand close to the budget class. Nevertheless, the average noise insulation and stable operation of the fittings such systems will provide. Again, based on a comparison of price and quality, this option may be the best of all models of the domestic spectrum.

Reviews about Brusbox

Bryansk producer "Brusboks" produces window systems, originally designed for Russian climatic conditions. Despite the modest potential of the technological and production base, the company manages to offer its customers a wide range. Unfortunately, the owners of such windows do not express the best opinions about the quality. Among the shortcomings are the yellowing of frames and deformation - these are the processes that many plastic windows undergo over time. Customers' reviews of Russian firms often highlight such shortcomings, but the popularity of these products does not go down because the low price smooths them.

Reviews about the company Novotex

Window profiles from the company "People's Plastic", perhaps, can be called the most popular among domestic proposals. In the process of exploitation, the owners do not find any serious shortcomings. They note that the structures act as a reliable barrier to the cold, do a good job of noise insulation and look quite presentable. Perhaps the secret of the Novotex company is that the best producers of plastic windows in Europe served as an example for its developers, among them the same "Veka" and "Rehau".

But it is especially pleasant that you have to pay not so high price. These are inexpensive models, which are usually passed by the owners of wooden windows.

Rating of producers

It is difficult to assign specific places to companies relative to each other, since the evaluation of certain qualities is highly subjective. Nevertheless, if you approach the characteristics of window profiles from different brands by the combination of positive and negative, then the rating can be as follows.

The first position is quite deservedly taken by Veka, which provides excellent quality at an affordable price.

The second place is divided by plastic windows Rehau and KBE. In terms of quality, they are also flawless, but the high price does not allow them to rise higher.

The third position is to place the undervalued companies Salamander and Funke. While they have some gaps in some areas of production, but conscientiousness and their own know-how make us hope for their further success.

LG Chem takes the fourth position as the most unordinary in the approaches to manufacturing, but at the same time producing high-quality plastic.

Russian manufacturers Brusbox and Novotex make window systems of average quality. They can not compete with the leaders of this list, although at the cost of their offer is much more attractive.

Proplex is one of many Russian producers, although it managed to gain some popularity, but it is not yet possible to confirm its quality.

Cost of windows

Cost as a criterion for choosing a profile was mentioned more than once. And for many consumers, unfortunately, financial opportunities become a limiting factor in the selection of the window system. The initial segment is represented by elementary single-wing constructions with a single-chamber double-glazed window - such a package is more often offered by budgetary companies of plastic windows.

Prices in this case vary from 3 to 5 thousand rubles. Adding to this amount of 2-3 thousand, you can count on a double-winged window with one swivel part. The most expensive complete sets have rotary-folding doors. This option from a little-known company can cost 7-8 thousand. However, if you choose from the range of firms of the "Century" or "KBE" level, it is unlikely that you will get even 10,000 rubles.


Technologies of manufacturing PVC systems are constantly being improved, as evidenced by the complication of the complete sets, the mechanisms of the profiles and fittings, which are supplied with plastic windows. Customer feedback on firms that manufacture profiles, largely reflect new ideas. For example, consumers highly appreciated the concept of multi-chamber models, swing-and-tilt mechanisms, and connoisseurs of beautiful facades pay tribute to companies that perform multi-colored lamination.

As practice shows, developers who create the market themselves, moving the technical progress forward, and the basic quality at a high level. This is confirmed by German companies, and little-known firm LG Chem, which was able to achieve certain indicators in the market only due to a unique approach to the manufacture of plastic.

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