Vertical blinds - an element of the decoration of the room

There are several ways to decorate windows, and vertical blinds are one of the most popular. Practicality, durability and versatility make it possible to use them in the interior of any premises.

Vertical blinds are appropriate in residential apartments and offices. The usual set of these curtains include: lamellae, wall holder, lamellar holder, slider, latch, cornice, control chains, weights, control cord, dowels, screws. You can always control the location of the blinds. Around its axis, the lamellas are rotated by means of control chains. Using a cord, the vertical blinds move apart and move. The lamellas have a width of 89 to 127 mm.

Material for the manufacture of vertical blinds

There are several types of vertical blinds on sale. They can be made from specially treated fabric. The most popular shades of these curtains are pastel colors. There are the following fabric vertical jalousie: oyster (made in the form of fringe), multifactural (combine several types of fabric and plastic of different colors). As a rule, they are used for decorating living quarters. Most often multifactor blinds are made to order. Very rare, but beautiful - wooden curtains, which are made of strong and light wood. Such blinds are covered with a special lacquer, providing them with durability and increased resistance to ultraviolet radiation. There is another popular type of curtain, which is used in almost any room. Vertical plastic blinds are made of translucent multi-colored plastic. Their width is usually 89 mm. They have a lot of advantages: gently and evenly scatter light, perfectly tolerate high humidity, almost do not get dirty and do not absorb odors. Even if they get dirty, which is especially common in the kitchen, the landlady has the opportunity to gently wash them in a good washing solution.

Vertical Blinds

This type of curtain is most often made to order. Preliminarily remove the necessary measurements, which allows you to perfect the window. In order not to disturb the drawing of the blinds, the lamellas are fixed to the special cornice only in the order in which they are packed. These curtains on the windows give the room an original look and create a feeling of comfort. Due to a wide range of slat adjustments, it is possible to adjust the light entering the room as desired. The wide textured and color range of vertical blinds allows you to choose the most suitable for a particular interior. If they are installed in the opening of the window, the curtain width should be smaller than the opening by 1 cm, and height - by 2 cm. As a rule, all manufacturers give a warranty period for the work of their products, which is 6 months, although with proper use, the period of use of vertical Plastic blinds are not limited.

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