Varieties of roofs of houses (photo)

Residents of big cities do not often pay attention to the roof, as the roofs are too high. In private houses, their shape and features are more important, so many people spend a lot of time selecting them. People do not limit themselves in the shapes and colors of the roofs, make them elegant, simplistic, complex or with a bias in the old days. Everyone chooses the type that is appropriate for a particular building and corresponds to personal preferences.

Flat roofs

In Russia and CIS countries are used very rarely, although I have a simple form. They can be called popular only in the Baltic states, because there the climate allows you to use this type of structure. Often people do not give preference to flat roofs because they are generally more expensive than conventional gable roofs. Also, one has to pay much attention to giving strength to single-pitched roofs, since under heavy load from snow or meltwater accumulations there is a risk of failure of a poor-quality construction. These are not the most popular varieties of the roof of a private house.

Frame buildings in Russia are not popular, so for modern homes you have to use a coating of reinforced concrete, which with great strength is very expensive. Many choose a rafter system from a tree, as its erection does not take much time and effort, and the whole design is much cheaper. So the roofs of houses are represented. Varieties whose photos reflect numerous features of designs include a large number of ideas, so anyone can choose the appropriate options.

It should be remembered that the durability of reinforced concrete is much higher than wood, besides this material is completely safe, since it does not support combustion processes. A flat roof can also be used as a sports ground, a balcony, a garden or even a solarium. In many countries, this type of roof is the most popular, as it is convenient for creating various additional objects in the room.

Pitched roofs

If the roof slope is more than 12 °, then officially it is inclined, that is sloped. This type of roof has a lot of various variations, and the execution and availability of additional elements is limited only by the imagination of the builder and the funds allocated for the installation of the roof. The more improved the shape of the design, the more expensive it will cost. There are many varieties of inclined roofs that require more careful consideration. These structures constitute a wide range of options that determine the variety of roofs of houses.

Shed roofs

In Russia, buildings with a saddle roof are very rarely built. Recently, it was determined that they are great not for the design of the house, but for other buildings located inside the yard. In Scandinavia and Germany, that is, in countries whose climatic characteristics are similar to Russia, this type of roof is also practiced for the main buildings, since it is a budgetary and convenient option, characterized by durability and simplicity of form.

A higher overhang is usually set on the side where there is more sun. Also, if necessary, they do the opposite, then you can limit the room from excess light. Usually living rooms are placed at the top, since it is there that the sun shines most brightly. Below you can put the bathroom, stairs and other elements. This helps to make the building volume more optimized, to accurately distribute the distance between the rooms and their position to add more light to the room. In the construction of a saddle roof there are no difficulties, so you can build it without large material costs.

If you make stained glass windows, any view outside the window will change, but it is advisable to choose or create a picturesque landscape. Then the one-pitch roof will look like a fairy-tale. This option is also included in a variety of roofs of private houses with a garage. Photos indicate their relevance. Own garden will replace such an excellent view, like an ocean or a lake, a forest valley outside the window. When equipping a saddle roof, it is advisable not to place the house close to the fence.

Gable roof

Often, this type of construction is associated with the expression "roof house." This is the most popular type of roofing in Russia, so you can meet such options even in children's drawings. Usually on landscapes they are supplemented by a pipe that leads out a small trickle of smoke.

The popularity of a gable roof is due to its presentable appearance and economy when building. Even an unprofessional builder can also fulfill it. If the housing is built according to the traditional scheme, it is likely to be given a gable roof. So many roofs of houses look like. Varieties of this design can also be quite interesting. This option represents the types of roofs of private houses with pediments.

Sometimes the design is a bit complicated. This happens if the owners decide to improve the appearance of the roof with a double door made of glass or a balcony. When these elements are done correctly and accurately, the design of the house is transformed.

When gable roofs are made, you can count on the fact that the wood consumption for creating the truss system will be minimal. This is used by many developers and prefer this type of roof. The whole design is simple and fast, as there are few manufacturing steps, and additional details are not always present. The side pediments are often called forceps. They can be built into windows or special holes for ventilation.

Hip roof

This type of roof has a slope on each side. This kind of roofing is called a gable. If the developers make the appropriate decision, the faces can be made more, but in this case, the designers will have to make false calculations to ensure not only the beautiful appearance of the roof, but also its high quality.

It should be remembered that this form of the building assumes that it will be more complex than a simple rectangle. The number of its sides is usually equal to the number of planned roof slopes, so this type of roof has to be planned even before the construction of the foundation of the house. Not all roofs have such features. Varieties allow you to admire beautiful interesting examples of design solutions.

Features of the hip roof

All the stingrays must fall down and must reach the eaves. Two of them are compulsorily formed like a triangle. They perform the carrier function and are produced the most reliable. The other skates in the number of two or more are produced like a trapezoid. This roof complements the variety of roofs of houses.

The hip construction with proper calculations and high-quality construction has high strength characteristics, it has great reliability, but it is much more difficult to perform than a gable one. The price is also higher than for the more simplified version. It should be noted that the hip roof is able to visually represent the house below its real size, so it can only be used for truly bulky and massive buildings. Angled rafters are forced to withstand the greatest load, so their cross section should be as powerful as possible. This design represents the types of roofs of private houses with a balcony. Photos indicate this feature.

Multi-deck roofing

The multi-deck roof allows you to make a living room in the attic, and also serve as a storage compartment for storing certain things. The design is often made straight, but there are cases when the design concept provides for broken roof contours. If straight rafters are chosen, it will be appropriate to add large overhangs. They are able to protect the walls from the negative effects of precipitation, and also help visually make the height of the building more, without violating its contours. This option includes varieties of roofs of private houses. Photos indicate their excellent appearance.

Roof Decoration Options

You can additionally put doors from glass, and also add cuckoo windows, which are often used for mansards. This will help visually make the room more illuminated, since the sunlight will penetrate most intensively due to the height of the structure and the slowness of the walls. Sometimes the shape of the hip roof is made beveled. Then it is called domed. It should be noted that the production and installation of such structures will cost more than the production of a standard hip roof.

Tent roof

This type of roof is often associated with the hip, but it has bright differences from it. Typically, such a roof is appropriate for buildings, the shape of which is close to the square. All faces should be inclined equally, or the difference should ideally be coordinated so that in the end all the slopes were reduced to a single upper point and fit snugly together. Such a roof is included in a variety of roofs of private houses. Photos indicate its excellent appearance.

The horizontal skate for this type of roof is missing. There are only inclined ribs located at the junction of the skates. It should be remembered that the hipped roof can be both rectangular and have broken contours making it look like a dome. This roof is special and complements the variety of roofs of houses.

The vaulted roof

If the roof has the shape of a cylinder, it is called a vaulted one. Usually it is made of stone or brickwork, which makes it different from other types of buildings. When the vaults are curvilinear, the rafter system or wood materials are unsuitable. The bearing parts of the vaulted roofs are made from metal beams or from glued beams, which are given the necessary shape in advance. Such a roof is included in the types of roofs of houses with a balcony. The photos prove this fact.

Sometimes lattice shapes are used that differ in the most complex contours. Wide application of these types of roof is impossible, since the total cost of the structure is very high. The full range of roofing materials is not available. It is necessary to choose from purely metallic products, bitumen-polymer materials, made in rolls. If the necessary conditions are met and the climate is not too hard, it is better to use flexible tiles. If you properly evaluate this design, you can see that it complements the variety of roofs of houses.

Dome construction

The production of the dome is considered more complicated than the construction of the vaulted structure. In frequent construction this type is used very rarely. It is appropriate if you have the necessary budget and desire to give your own structure an unusual, perhaps fabulously appearance. Such a roof is appropriate only for tall and majestic buildings, so you should carefully evaluate the concrete design before making a decision on the construction of this particular species.

To make the building neat and reliable, it is enough to use a simple gable construction. It is important not only the appearance of the roof, but also the quality of execution, selection of the necessary materials. More complex designs should be used only if there is a design taste and the necessary budget. Also, it is necessary to focus on the indicator of the appropriateness of the most complex and majestic forms of roofs, the possibility of their placement in a specific climatic area of residence. The choice of roofing is a serious undertaking, so you should approach it with all responsibility.

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