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How to open an online clothing store

Internet sales now no one is surprised. More and more often housewives, and not only they prefer to order clothes, toys, drugs on the net. Especially convenient is such a system with the delivery to the house of young mothers. Often they have no one to leave the child with, there is neither the strength nor the time to get out of the house and walk around the boutiques.

How to open a business, where to start creating an online store? First, decide what kind of clothes you will trade. Children's men's, top, underwear, evening or wedding dresses. After you have decided on the alleged product, you need to get an idea of where you will take it. Order a lot from large companies or the wholesale market, buy at sales or sew yourself. If you buy in batches, the case will go faster, because sewing at home 10-15 dresses is not so simple. At the same time, work on individual orders is paid higher, some take such clothes more readily - it is sewn according to specific standards and always sits well. However, if you have the strength and desire, you can combine both ways of earning.

Before you open an online clothing store, you need to create your own website. You can start with groups and pages on social networks. It is very important to make good pictures of the goods before opening your clothing store . At a minimum, they should include a rear view and a front view. If possible, show how this or that thing is sitting on the figure. Before opening an online clothing store, each product should be described in detail - possible sizes, color, country of manufacture, material, used finish. In addition to the description it is necessary to compile a short text-advertisement to the models, which should convince the buyer to purchase this particular product.

How to find a buyer? As a rule, people visit such sites on the recommendation of friends or colleagues. People who liked the quality of the product and the speed of service usually become regular customers. There is this medal and the downside - if your online store someone does not like, will be guaranteed extensive anti-advertising. Before opening an online clothing store, consider a system of bonuses and discounts. Perhaps, it will be discounts for the second or third purchase, accumulative or holiday. The first buyers can be found by inviting them to a page or group in social networks. Take for the rule of notifying about new products and sales of those who have already purchased from you goods.

Before you open an online clothing store, think about the delivery system. First time, especially in a small city3, you can deliver the goods to the addressee in your car, if you will sew yourself. This method of delivery has both pluses and minuses. The positive thing is that you can offer to try on the buyer's favorite things. Such a service is sure to attract a lot of customers, because many reluctantly take clothes through the Internet precisely because a thing may not fit the size or sit up unsuccessfully. Less is a big risk to run into customers who will take a couple of hours of your time, measure a heap of suits and dresses and so will not buy anything. However, when the case slowly unwinds, you can additionally hire a driver. If you plan to cover far regions or neighboring cities, you can deliver the goods by mail.

Before you open an online clothing store, think through the payment system. Get yourself an electronic purse: Kiwi-purse, Webmoney or Yandex-money (or better all together). The second popular option is payment to the courier at the time of receipt. Most customers prefer to buy clothes for cash. In this case it is easier to refuse the purchase and not pay, if the thing has not come up.

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