Lip gloss "Dior": shades options and reviews

The word "Dior" is known to all women of the world. This fashion house produces and perfumes, and accessories, and decorative cosmetics. A wide range of products includes lip gloss. Christian Dior, the founder of the brand of his name, tried to please everyone. His decorative cosmetics not only allows you to create a charming image, but gently cares for the skin, keeping your beauty and youth for a long time.

In this article we will focus only on one product from the widest range of cosmetics, which offers a fashion house "Dior", namely lip gloss. What are they like? How do they transform our lips? Do they really care for the skin of the mouth? What is the palette of shades and how long is the shine and gloss on the lips after application of the fluid? All this we will reveal in our essay. And feedback from consumers and their photos will help us evaluate the price-quality ratio of lip glosses from "Dior".

Rich color and shine in one bottle. Overview of collections

The great couturier liked to say that color is an indispensable element of beauty. Therefore lipstick or lip gloss is not a simple accessory. These little things also create - or rather, complete - an image, like mascara, and cream powder, and shadows. Especially if the make-up focuses on the lips. Bright, sensual shades are a new secret weapon of seduction.

Lip gloss "Dior" makes the image as attractive, sexy and unique, as well as shoes on heels-stiletto heels. The fashion house has released several collections of this decorative cosmetics. First, we list them to later consider each in more detail:

  • Lipstick-gloss "Addict Lip Glove";
  • A means for visually increasing the volume of the lips of "Lip Maximize";
  • Colorless "Ultra Gloss" for even more, wet radiance;
  • Nutritive fluid "Addict Milky Tint";
  • Shine-care "Rouge Dior Brilliant";
  • Pigment, which can be used as a blush "Chick and Lip Gloe";
  • And, finally, liquid lipstick "Addict Fluid Stick".

Dior Addict Gloss

Hypnotizing magic carousel was for fashionistas this collection. "Addiction Gloss" was released by the house "Dior" in 2013. It has twenty-four shades. The palette, as you can see, is rich, but without the hobby of radical and unnatural colors. There are no black, green or similar shades in it. The whole palette is kept within the framework of light pink to plum. The lip gloss "Dior Addict Gloss" is presented in three directions:

  • Pure color. There is no shimmer in the pigment. The shine gives the lips a soft, bright and gentle glow. In this direction there are six shades, from tender coral to burgundy.
  • A sparkling effect. In twelve shades of this direction there are glitters, but they are few. The main feature of these shines is the "mirror complex". As part of the tool contains transparent polarized. Microscopic balls. They reflect light like a magic mirror.
  • Pearl effect. In six samples of this direction, a lot of tiny particles of mother-of-pearl. They give the lips a shimmering glow.

The formula "Addict Gloss"

What is interesting about this lip gloss? "Dior" announces that its formula includes hyaluronic acid. It is she who is responsible for making the lips visually more voluminous and full. "Mirror complex" made of microscopic balls provides radiance, and a stable color pigment is an excellent coating.

What do they say about this brilliance? The product is equipped with a convenient applicator, which gently slides over the lips. Shine perfectly covers the color pigment of the skin. On the lips plays a wonderful light shine - pure or with a pearl shimmer, depending on which direction you choose.

The product does not slip to the edges of the mouth, does not create a sticky sensation. If you do not have a snack and do not drink, makeup can not be corrected for two hours. The price of a stylish transparent bottle with a metal lid is 1950 rubles.

Updated series "Addict Ultra Gloss"

Recently, a collection of glosses with an improved formula has been released. In the "Addict Ultra Gloss" is even more hyaluronic acid - a substance that visually increases the volume of the lips.

In addition, the manufacturer has introduced into the formula vegetable oils, designed to nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as to prevent the tackiness of the product. The lip gloss "Dior Addict Ultra Gloss" is presented in eighteen shades and, just like the previous series, in three directions: pure, mirror and iridescent.

The colors of the collection are also not radical. They are placed in the segment from the absolutely colorless "nude" to plum. The reviews emphasize the caring effect of the remedy. Lips with frequent use of shine become moistened, flaking and cracks disappear. There is such a tool from the updated series of 2150 rubles.

"Addict Lip Maximize Dior" - a lip gloss that increases the volume

The formula of this tool is truly revolutionary. Lip gloss can replace injections of collagen. Instant increase in volume plus soft care - this is what the manufacturer promises us. Let's consider in more detail the formula of the means, which the experts of the house "Dior" developed.

Lip gloss, increasing the volume, is enriched with collagen and fillers based on hyaluronic acid. These two active components visually increase the volume of the lips. And the accompanying oils gently care for the skin. They smooth wrinkles, eliminate dryness and peeling. Moreover, if the agent is applied day after day, in the morning and in the evening, for two weeks, the lips really fill with collagen. And this is no longer an optical illusion!

The agent has so far only been presented in one color - pale pink. It can be used as a lipstick. The gloss only slightly overlays the pigment of the lips. But with the same success, the product can be applied over lipstick - to fix the color and give an instantaneous volume.

Nutritional fluid "Addict Milky Tint"

This lip gloss "Dior" has developed for those who achieve the effect of maximum moisture. In fact, it is milk, as stated in the title. The fluid does not give any mirror shimmer. It is quickly absorbed, but there is a slight shine that gives the effect of moist lips.

Fluid acts as a lotion. It really moistens lips - not only optically, but also from the inside. The feeling of comfort will not leave you for eight hours. So, at least, the producer promises. The shine fills the lips a little, giving them a slight visual volume.

This collection is presented in six shades. They are all pastel, very delicate. On slightly damp lips, such colors look simply delicious. The applicator in the tube reviews are praised above all. If it were the same in the other series! He has a conical tip, which is very convenient to draw a contour of lips. And with a soft center, you can fill the entire surface of this stencil with one motion.

Rouge Brilliant

It is the giving persistent color of lip gloss. "Dior", the reviews in this issue are solidary, managed to dissolve the lipstick, giving it a fluid consistency. And the color does not slide down to the corners of the mouth, it does not gather in the bottom in a narrow strip, it does not form a patchwork.

The color shines with an elegant shine. Its formula is enriched with vegetable oils and vitamin E, which gently take care of the skin of the lips.

In the composition there is also an active component that activates the synthesis of natural collagen. The collection is presented in thirteen saturated shades. A convenient applicator allows you to take the right amount of funds for smooth coverage and unrivaled radiance.

Reviews about the collections of lip glosses from "Dior"

Despite its rather high price, the decorative cosmetics of this brand on the shelves of stores does not lie. Special demand for Russians uses glitter for the volume of the lips "Dior Addict Ultra Gloss." And this is understandable. After all, the shine not only adds charm to the lips, but also cares for them gently.

The composition includes elastic oils that nourish, moisturize the skin, and at the same time do not allow the agent to spread, to stick together, to fall into the cracks. Hyaluronic spheres, like small mirrors, reflect light, making the lips instantly receive extra volume. Reviews also note the elegance of the packages of all collections of glosses from "Dior".

Especially beautiful transparent flasks of "Addict Gloss" with metal caps. Reviews assure that the lip gloss from "Dior" is "mast hev" of any fashionista.

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