Bell - cosmetics of the European brand for daily make-up

Over the years, Bell products have always been present on the cosmetic market and are well positioned along with other brands that optimally combine indicators such as quality and price. Mark has long taken the position of a leader in Poland, and since then the world has been conquering with confident steps. Central, Eastern, Western Europe, Russia, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa have the opportunity to use a wide range of Bell products. Cosmetics confidently expands the ranks of new fans thanks to high quality standards, a modern palette that takes into account all the latest fashion trends, and a democratic price that can compete with famous foreign brands.

Bell cosmetics for face

Rulers of this product include correctors, tonal fluids, powders, blushers and mousses. Each of the directions contains tools designed to meet the needs of different types of skin. Matting and correcting tonal fluid Bell has a light, almost transparent texture. It completely merges with the skin, leaving little or no clear boundaries for the application of the tone. The content of vitamins E, A, C, as well as sunscreen filters, makes it ideal for everyday summer makeup. Matting tonal fluid also stimulates cell metabolism and ideally meets the needs of combination and oily skin. Polish cosmetics Bell takes care not only about the quality visual effect, but also about the reliable care of the skin in everyday make-up.

The cream combines the functions of a corrector and moisturizer. Contains ingredients that make the skin supple. Hypoallergenic base for sensitive, normal and oily skin has a soft formula and does not contain fragrances. Bell - cosmetics with a wide range of toning and skin-smoothing facial products. Even the most demanding consumers will have the opportunity to choose the basis, fluid, corrector, blush or powder to their liking.

Lip Bell Cosmetics

Many people do not know about classical lipstick for lips Bell in a claret tube, with which for some people began to get acquainted with foreign cosmetics. Years have passed, and now the range presented has increased tens of times. Lipsticks with a matte, glossy, varnish texture, glitter, pencils - each of the formulas is designed to meet the requirements not only for color, but also for the quality and level of skin care for the lips. Palettes vary from nude to bright and saturated tones. Innovative 3D formula and a mousse consistency distinguishes the brilliance of Prismatic 3D Effect. The ruler Royal Glam - for confident in themselves and their image of women and girls. Lip Dessert Milky Shake 3D Effect wins with flowers and fragrances. Contour pencils complement the shades offered in the palettes of lipsticks Bell. Cosmetics has passed the test of time and reviews of millions of consumers and in some ways has become a legend among the means of high-quality and affordable care of foreign brands.

Cosmetics Bell for eyes

This direction is represented by shadows, ink, liquid linings and contour pencils for the eyes. Complex kits make it possible to make effective make-up to the smallest details. Shadows are presented in single, duet and complex versions. Palettes are sorted to give a seasonal mood. Separately it is necessary to note a ruler with various variants of hypoallergenic ink for eyelashes.

Contour pencils are presented in convenient twisting cases, which greatly facilitate the application and prevent the possibility of micro-trauma, as in the case with wooden bases. Liquid piping Big Black will emphasize the eyes with saturated and expressive lines. The polymeric composition guarantees the elasticity of the agent and the durability of the result.

Cosmetics Bell in Moscow is represented in a wide range of stores. It can be both professional stands in shopping centers, and limited collections in retail stores. If you could not find a tool to your liking, online salesmen with the widest range and various options for delivery and payment will always come to the rescue.

Cosmetics Bell for nails

Decoration and nail care is another of the leading trends in the cosmetics brand. Here are varnishes and liquids for removal, complex sets for manicure. Palette shades are extremely diverse. Varnishes are supplemented with bases and fixers. Well-established kit for the French manicure. For the most impatient the company offers a means of "express-drying" with vitamin E.

In addition to decorative components, you can choose strengthening and caring formulas. Cosmetics Bell (reviews and numerous opinions on the web confirm this many times) is in no way inferior in quality to other world brands in this price range.

For all those who want to try quality and at the same time available means for everyday and exclusive make-up, the brand offers a variety of solutions. Bell - cosmetics for stylish women who are following trendy tendencies and women who take care of high quality of products. The long history of the brand and the huge amount of positive feedback from consumers speak volumes. It remains only to choose the textures and shades for the mood and requirements of the season.

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