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Silver nitrate: properties and application.

Silver is the most common metal on the planet. It was widely used by representatives of different peoples and religious faiths. What is the secret of his popularity and fame? The properties of silver are so unique that this metal is widely used today in various spheres of human life.

For a long time, the healing properties of silver are known. Modern science could easily figure out the secret of the unique effect of silver. But even ancient peoples used this precious metal for disinfecting water and endowing it with medicinal properties. The water was mostly stored in silver vessels, so it became cleaner and more useful. Noble people and aristocracy always took food only from silver dishes. It was also widely used in all religious rites and ceremonies.

In the 19th century, a rapid study of the antibacterial properties of silver began. Then the German physician Kreda invented a solution of silver, which effectively began to be used for decontamination purposes.

Later it was found out that silver is contained in the human body, and without it the functioning of human organs will be far from normal. Immunomodulating, antibacterial and antiviral properties of silver contributed to its wide application in medicine. And nowadays the interest in silver ions that contribute to the disinfection of water continues to increase.

Silver influences the functioning of bone tissue, internal organs and endocrine glands.

Silver nitrate is widely used in medicine. It has found its application in dentistry. Silvering of milk teeth replaced the standard sealing procedure. It is painless and for a while prevents the development of caries in the oral cavity, thereby enabling healthy teeth to grow comfortably, and prepare a place for molars. But silver nitrate can not be used in the treatment of molars, since it has a black color.

In ophthalmology, silver nitrate is used to cauterize conjunctivitis. Cauterization of wounds and cuts with the help of this substance contributes to the restoration of the affected area much more quickly, and without fear that harmful wounds will be introduced into the wound. Also its use in gastroenterology for the treatment of ulcers and erosions of the stomach testifies to a wide range of the use of silver nitrate for medical purposes.

In addition, silver nitrate is used in the film industry and for making photographs.

The most common products containing silver are cucumbers, dill, cabbage. But even they can not endow the human body with a sufficient amount of this metal. The use of medicines and cosmetics with ions of silver, water, passed through silver filters, contribute to better tissue regeneration and energy exchange, which slows down the aging of the body.

A great popularity was made of silverware. Silver sets are passed down from generation to generation. There is also a wonderful tradition to give a newborn a silver spoon to the first tooth. Baby silver today is not just a small spoon, it's whole sets of elite expensive dishes, which includes cups, plates, spoons, forks. Such dishes can protect the child from harmful microbes and bacteria, disinfecting food or drinks. Perhaps, such a set will seem too elegant gift, but the parents of the newborn will certainly appreciate your concern.

Silver is widely used in photography, industry, chemistry. Its light-reflecting ability has been used since the ancient times to create mirrors. At the present stage of the development of mankind, we have different ways of how to protect ourselves or help with treatment. But silver still does not concede to any medicine for the uniqueness of medicinal properties.

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