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How to make an antenna of the DMV with your own hands?

Probably, many of us can not manage a day without watching television. News, any interesting programs and programs - all this became commonplace for us. And of course, all this can not be broadcast without an antenna. Buy such a device can be in any store at an affordable price, but if you have a few extra tins, a pair of meters of a television cable and a soldering iron, you can do it yourself. Yes, it is from such tools that today we will learn how to make such an apparatus as an antenna of the DMV.


To begin with, we need to prepare all the accompanying devices and mechanisms. In addition to two cans, a soldering iron and a cable, we will need more scotch, plugs and a wooden trempel. Together, of all these mechanisms, a perfectly normal, and most importantly, functioning antenna will be obtained.

Modify the cable

In the question of how the antenna of the DMV is made by oneself, it is first of all necessary to pay attention to the cable. We should improve it a little. To do this, you need to make a small cut on its soft shell. Under it you will see something like silver foil. It is just the cable. So, the top layer of it should be cut about 10 centimeters from the edge, and then twist the foil and cut off its center by 1 centimeter. In this case, the other end of the device must be connected to a plug, which must then be connected directly to the TV.

How is the antenna made by yourself? Mount banks

Now we take up our "capacities". It is important to observe that the volume of tin cans is at least 700 and at most 1000 milliliters. When you cut their upper part, do not throw away or tear off the keys, as they may still be needed in our work.

To the antenna DMV, made by myself, functioned normally, take the following steps with care and attention to the next steps. Now we need to connect all prepared devices (namely banks and cable with a plug) into one. The cord should be connected to the tin container in such a way that the foil is directly attached to the metal surface of the can. Next, you need to use an adhesive tape or, best of all, an insulating tape for the reliability of the fasteners. Of course, we can not guarantee an impeccable connection, but there are simply no other methods, for the use of a welding apparatus will simply burn the thin wall of our container. The only thing you can try is to connect using a soldering iron. Further, in order for the DMV antenna made with its own hands to have good reception quality, it is necessary to screw the cable elements to the keys.

Receiving Point

Now we fix the jar on the trembler (again with the electrical tape) and connect the cable with the plug to the TV. It is important before this to find the best point of reception. If this is a private house, the DMV antenna with its hands is installed on the roof, if the apartment is on the balcony. It is in these places, as practice shows, the best reception points of the signal.

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