How to apply make-up correctly

With the help of proper make-up, any fashionista will be able to emphasize the dignity of her face, and correct possible shortcomings, so to always look perfect you need to know how to apply make-up correctly. The technique of applying make-up includes several stages. To begin with, you just need to clean and moisturize your face, that is, make an even basis for make-up. To do this, you need to use a fat-free cream, because the fat cream can ruin the makeup. The cream is gradually applied to the entire face with the palms and it needs to be done starting from the center.

To makeup on your face does not seem like a mask, you need to carefully choose the tone of the base. To find out whether the tone of the stem is suitable or not, it is possible in a simple way - to put a little bit of a foundation on the skin, and if the cream seems to disappear as incomplete shading, then it is completely suitable.

To get a good result, it is important to consider the texture of the substrate. For example, for dry skin, a liquid base is best suited, and for a fat one, in the form of powder. In order for the borders to be invisible, they need to be shaded with a special sponge.
Under the eyes, a creamy concealer is applied, it makes the skin more light and disguises dark circles. In order not to stand out, the concealer must be combined with the base, that is, it should not have too light a shade. A good effect gives the concealer a salmon shade. The concealer is driven with clean fingers, and not rubbed into the skin, otherwise it will stretch.

You need to move from the inner corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose. If the skin is red, they need to be masked with a concealer concealer that has a dry consistency. The agent is applied by pinpoint motion. To fix the base and concealer on the face is applied friable powder. To the disguised places it is necessary to press a puff with powder.

Before applying correct makeup, you need to draw a line of eyebrows. Behind the eyebrows you need to carefully look after and decorate them at least once a week, pulling out extra hairs and cutting too long. To care for the eyebrows you need to use a special set of tools. The eyebrow line is highlighted with a special pencil or shadows, which are applied with a stiff brush with a pointed end.

For eye makeup, you also need to first apply a foundation, starting from the eyebrows to the very line of the eyelashes. When the substrate is absorbed, shadows are applied. If you do not, the shadows will not look bright and juicy.

And do you know how to apply make-up properly to emphasize the shape of the eyes? This effect can be achieved by correctly using the light and dark shades of the shadows, but you can achieve this with only one shade. For feather shadows use a special brush. Unrefined shadows are a sign of unprofessionalism. It is very important that the texture of the shadows be combined with the type of skin.

For oily skin, it is recommended to use dry shadows, greasy ones will roll down, and creamy shadows will be good on dry skin. With the help of a black eyeliner, you can give your eyes even more expressiveness. In spring 2012, a new black automatic pencil Quickliner for Eyes Intense will be on sale, which can be used to tint even the mucous intermittent line in both the lower and upper eyelids.
Eyelashes will acquire a larger volume and bend, if you use special brushes and mascara High Defenition Lashes. This mascara does not glue the eyelashes and they look separate.

To give cheeks light blush, you can use a compact blush. They also help to highlight the cheekbones effectively. The final touch will be giving the lips a radiance.

If you do not know how to apply makeup properly, do not look vulgar, listen to the following recommendation: not to look too defiant, you can not focus on the eyes and lips at the same time. For example, you can use such a miracle-tool as Chubby Stick, which is used by any girl who knows perfectly well how to apply daytime make-up. This is lipstick-balm. It has a gentle color, perfectly moisturizes the lips and gives them a well-groomed appearance.

Any girl who does not know how to make an evening make-up, with a little effort, can easily master the technique of applying make-up and become a good make-up artist not only for herself, but also for others. To do this, you need to carefully study your face and listen to recommendations. And then independently, without recourse to specialists, you can make make-up for any cases of life.

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