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Correct make-up for blue and green eyes

Even a ugly person is able to make a correct make-up into a beauty, and if a woman is beautiful, a good "make-up" will only give her shine. Whether it's a blue-eyed blonde or a red-haired green eyed, competently painted eyes will emphasize their radiance and beauty. Of course, information on the selection of cosmetics the right color can be Take from the numerous glossy magazines, but do not be painted, "like everyone else." Councils of eminent make-up artists and stylists can be taken as a basis, imposing on it the imprint of a personal individuality.

Before you start for the correct make-up for blue eyes, you should choose shades and other cosmetics in colors. The eyes of heavenly color will suit pale pink, golden, silvery and violet shades. Do not exclude the blue scale, but with this choice, the shadows should be either lighter or darker than the color of the iris. Especially effective will look richly blue cosmetics. This color will fit very well into the evening "make-up". Blue eyes, highlighted by bright pink shadows or fuchsia-colored cosmetics, always look deep and mysterious.

Daily correct makeup can consist of silvery shadows. They can be applied in many ways - either throughout the whole of the century, or by a thin strip along its edge. Strengthen this "silver" effect is by using a brown outline and a dark- Brown carcass. Shades of orange shades in combination with peach or pale pink cosmetics are suitable for daytime make-up, but they will have a stronger effect on the evening look. For blondes, orange shadows will become a real "highlight".

The correct make-up for green eyes should be selected in accordance with the color of the skin and hair. Blonde and white-skinned green eyes are suitable for purple tones of medium and light colors, as well as peach, brown and aquamarine colors. It should be remembered that the green eyes do not go cold colors, as well as mascara and black eyeliner. To bring green eyes and dye eyelashes is recommended cosmetics of dark brown or dark gray color. Especially dangerous for green-eyed shadows of the same color - they "destroy" the emerald shade, and the eyes appear gray or blue. But the reddish shades, on the contrary, emphasize the emerald iris and make it particularly bright. Applying the correct make-up, green eyes should be more careful with pink cosmetics, because this color is not for everyone. Visionally increase the eyes allow white or golden Pencils, designed for eyeliner. A complex evening "make-up" consists of cosmetics of different shades, from matte brown to ultramarine.

As for the methods of applying cosmetics, the correct make-up is done equally, regardless of the color of the eyes. First you should "prepare" your eyes, applying powder on your eyelids. If the make-up is done for a party, then it is better to apply it over the top of the foundation - with it the shadows on the eyelids do not "float" and last much longer. But the daytime "make-up" requires more gentle, pastel colors. Shade shades should differ from the skin color by not more than three tones.

There are an infinite number of makeup options, allowing you to emphasize the shine of blue or the shining of green eyes. What "make-up" to choose - depends only on the individuality of their owners.

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