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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Biography, family, interesting facts

For ten years, Sarah Ferguson was married to the second son of Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, the York Duke. We learn a lot about it from the article.


Being the second daughter of his father Ronald and his first wife Susan Mary (in the girlhood of Wright), Sarah was a beautiful child. The life of the girl knocked down her parents' divorce in the seventies.

Her mother soon found a new husband - an athlete from a polo team named Hector Barrantes. The newly formed couple moved to Argentina. The girl stayed with her father. Soon she had a stepmother.

With the departure of the mother, the girl was literally left alone. Neither the father nor the stepmother (this is not the same as the mother) - no one will replace the mother's heat.

12 years is the period when my mother left the family. This is just the moment of puberty for a girl when she needs a senior mentor, whose experience can be learned, who can be trusted and tell her secrets. Sarah was offended by her mother and quite deserved. After all, a good parent will not do so.

Life in the orphanage even more immersed the girl in the abyss of loneliness. Because of the war in Falkland, the connection with his mother was interrupted. Food Sarah tried to fill the void inside her soul, as many do with the help of alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

Studying at school continued her biography. Sarah Margaret Ferguson was engaged in ballet art. In her adulthood, she became a graduate of secretaries at King's College.

Sarah Ferguson began her career in a London firm that dealt with public relations. Her life was simple and unpretentious. Sarah Ferguson was economical about money and could not afford much. She was an active public figure. Sometimes I went to Switzerland to a ski resort.

She was seriously passionate about racing driver Paddy McNally. Sarah Ferguson was not the closest relative of Prince Andrew, but the girl was a true aristocracy. Her ancestor was the English King Charles II.

Sarah and the Duke of York

An interesting fact is that the family of Sarah Ferguson and the family of Diane of Wales were in contact. They communicated in the same circle of acquaintances. So, by coincidence, when Sarah Ferguson and Diana Spencer met one day , an acquaintance with Andrew happened.

In the eighties, the prince and girl gave marriage vows on the territory of Westminster Abbey. It happened on a beautiful summer day. From the Queen, the Prince received the title of Earl of York. So the girl was awarded the title of countess, and now she became the princess of Great Britain.

In this marriage, Sarah Ferguson became the mother of two children: the daughters of Beatrice and Eugenia. Marriage somehow cracked at the seams, so that in the early nineties it was more than clear that love and past tenderness left no trace. In the absence of Andrew, the princess did not shun the company of other gentlemen, for example, Steve Wyatt.

Unpleasant divorce and maiden name

Finally, on a cold January afternoon, Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York) and Prince Andrew accepted a no less cold mutual decision to divorce. A lot of noise rose when, in the same year, a photograph of the topless with John Bryan appeared in the newspapers, on which he took the duchess's fingers into his mouth. Very spicy. The royal family stressed its negative attitude towards this person.

After the divorce, she met Andrew for some time, and only four years later they officially broke off the love affair, but they still had one common task - the education of common children.

Problems with completeness

Marriage gave the girl a round shape, because she scored more than two hundred feet (one hundred kilograms). She was given an offensive nickname in the newspapers, the Duchess of Svinskaya. And in general, journalists "loved" Sarah, and she herself was not afraid to provoke them and behaved extravagantly in the highest measure.

Over time, the royal family cooled slightly and began to favor her more. Queen Elizabeth called her for breakfast in 2008.

After the divorce, Sarah opens her business on the basis of the media world. This project was successful and covered its debts, which accumulated about six million pounds sterling. Some of the tails still remained, and in the spring of 2010 it is called for by the Supreme Court. Another two hundred thousand pounds sterling awaited payment. Despite the debts, Sarah did not spare money for charity.

Getting rid of excess ballast

Many noted its success in combating obesity. Going to the wedding of her nephew, Sarah noticeably lost weight and got prettier. The woman notes that her own figure is satisfying, and she is pleased with her results. Like many full children, she was branded as insulting nicknames in her childhood. Schoolchildren are often cruel to such peers.

The girl herself did not like her figure and appearance. She had a lot of complexes about this, she always wanted to be like fairies and princesses from children's books. Impressive children's psyche like a sponge absorbed all the insults that settled in the girl's soul.

Many women, for this reason, suffer from stiffness in adulthood. Even if they manage to lose weight, they look back and believe the words of their peers about their own ugliness. Sarah pulled herself together and changed her life. But what is happening in her soul is known only to herself. Against the background of such a beautiful and joyful picture, Ferguson was also deprived of a close friend who could comfort and protect at a difficult moment.

What does Sarah do today?

The life of this woman is full of interesting facts. What fills her life today? From the late eighties to the present, the Duchess is writing children's literature. According to one of the works, a multi-serial cartoon film was shot, the duration of which on British television was about two years.

Among her works are both motivational and autobiographical books. Also Sarah is engaged in charity, speaking on television, is an active public figure. Today she considers herself to be a happy woman.

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