Seven Suns Development: reviews. Construction company Seven Suns Development, St. Petersburg

The construction companies of St. Petersburg are distinguished by the quality and reliability of the works. For future tenants, this is very important. Seven Suns Development took an honorable place among such organizations. It operates throughout Russia. The firm offers buyers economy-class housing at affordable prices. Apartments from the builder are of high quality.

The architects of the company Seven Suns Development, whose reviews speak for themselves, are developing their own projects. Buildings are rented with exterior and interior decoration.

History of occurrence

The modern company Seven Suns Development, whose reviews are the most positive, is considered young. It appeared in 2013. During its existence, I managed to prove myself on the very good side. The rating of construction companies shows that Seven Suns Development has become a leader among the existing such organizations due to the uniqueness of the solutions of architects and clear principles of work.

This organization was founded in St. Petersburg. It has subsidiaries in Moscow and Volgograd. Management plans include expansion in other regions of Russia.

Company advantages

The organization of Seven Suns Development, whose testimonies indicate that its projects Meet the needs of modernity, attracts the best architects, engineers and designers. This allows you to create high-quality housing.

Seven Suns Development is a construction company in which many employees work.

All specialists undergo regular trainings, which allows them to upgrade their qualifications. This approach is explained by the fact that the company strives to maintain leadership positions in the construction segment. The company checks projects at all stages. She is the main defendant for the level of performance of all works.

Features of the constructed objects

Residential complexes of this company meet all world quality standards. The very management of the company says that all work is built on a dream and love. These feelings allow creating original projects for a wide range of consumers.

Seven Suns Development, whose testimonies indicate that the level of quality of its buildings is high, and the prices are calculated for people with different income levels, is very attractive. Many customers prefer this developer.

The rating of construction companies, in which this firm is one of the first places, testifies to this.

Information about the builder is available and transparent

The organization has its own website, which is constantly updated with the latest information. The objects to be implemented are briefly summarized. Usually, general information is provided, to which the corresponding video material is attached. Here you can also find the address of the company: Bolshoy pr., PS, d. 38-40.

More specific are the sites on which certain projects from the company are presented. Here you will find the relevant documentation, photo work progress, links to video cameras installed on construction sites. To date, the developer is building three complexes: "Bright World" Inside ", LCD comfort class" I'm a Romantic "and" Bright World "Oh, Youth."

Apartment complex "Bright World" Inside "

In the resort area of St. Petersburg near Sestroretsk the company Seven Suns Development is building a large-scale complex "Bright World" Inside. " The area is characterized by good ecology and a beautiful view. From the western part the site is washed by the Gulf of Finland, and from the south by the Sister River. On the territory of the complex there is a small pond. From the east there is a pine forest.

The developer presents the project as a quarter for people who prefer a healthy lifestyle. On the territory of the complex will be broken paths for walks and runs along the beach in the Gulf of Finland. Fourteen buildings will take the form of a wave or circle. The height of the buildings will be 5 or 6 floors. In the development of different types of apartments. This is the usual studio, and two-bedroom apartments, which are modified by the European layout. The area of housing is from 20.36 to 105.07 square meters. All premises are ready for use.

In addition, the builder's plans include the erection of a sports complex, a kindergarten, a tennis court, a wellness center, a bakery, a cafe and many other buildings. In the first place for sale will be exhibited three buildings. The object will be commissioned in the first quarter of 2017. On the territory of the complex will be built closed parking.

In Sestroretsk there is everything: kindergartens, schools, hypermarkets and medical centers. But if the residents want to get to these institutions, then they can not walk on foot. They are 5 km away. The territory of the facility will have its own infrastructure. To the nearest metro station "Staraya derevnya" by private car or public transport can be reached in half an hour. After the central carriageway opens, you can get to the center in minutes.

Reviews about the complex

A successful location is the main advantage of the complex. Very rarely developers offer such a picturesque area. Apartments in this quarter are interesting in terms of investment and permanent residence. But it is worth remembering that you can not register in the apartment, since from the legal point of view they are not dwellings. As for the planning of the apartments themselves, most of them have the irregular shape of a rectangle - oblique, sharp or semicircular corners.

LCD comfort class "I am a Romantic"

The complex is also being built on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is located away from highways. The nearest green zone is Smolenskoye cemetery, transformed into a park. The place of rest is located at a distance of 1 km.

Developer Seven Suns Development represents the LCD "I am a Romantic" as a place for people with a creative start. The complex is represented by five multi-storey houses of different colors. Their basis is a monolithic brick.

In LCD there are studios, two-bedroom apartments, as well as rooms with European layout. The area of the smallest studio is 25.07 sq. M. M. The largest apartment - 81.17 square meters. All premises are rented with internal finishing work. They provide for the availability of home appliances and furniture.

Complex advantages

The advantages of this LCD include:

  • Close location from the center of St. Petersburg;
  • beautiful view;
  • acceptable prices;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • Original facade design;
  • Protected yards.

It is also possible to take an apartment in installments or a mortgage. The loan is possible through Promsvyazbank or Sberbank. Until March 2016, the company provides an opportunity for registration of housing in installments. The minimum amount of the first installment is 40% of the cost of living space.

The complex provides for its own infrastructure, as well as an open and underground parking for 108 places. Sports grounds, paths for bicyclists and a football field will be built. An observatory will be built on the territory of the complex, which will bring its originality.

It is also planned to erect a school for 800 children and a kindergarten for 115 kids. In addition, the gymnasium "Earth and the Universe" is nearby, which is recognized as one of the best educational institutions in Russia. At a distance of 1 km there are five grocery stores, seven pharmacies and four polyclinics. Near the metro station "Primorskaya" is a shopping and entertainment center.

The building area is 70 hectares. The erection of houses is quite fast. The company intends to hand over the object by the third decade of 2016.

The metro station "Primorskaya" can be reached on foot in half an hour. Also there are buses and trolleybuses. From 2018 to 2020 on the Vasilievsky Island is planned to open three more metro stations. Korablestroiteley Street will lead to the Small, Big and Middle avenues on the Vasilievsky peninsula.

Reviews about LCD "I am a Romantic" and opinions of experts

As described above, the developer offers turn-key apartments with a full set of furniture and household appliances. Many buyers have a question: is it possible to trust such information?

First of all you should take into account a small area of apartments. Positive feedback is directed to the convenience of lay-out and magnificent façade decoration. In addition, it is important to have its own internal infrastructure. And, of course, we must not forget about the wonderful panorama.

For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the territory on which houses are built is inundated. This state of affairs causes suspicion. Despite this, there is an official building permit from the company. This indicates that the engineers have provided a reliable foundation construction.

Residential complex "Bright World" About, Youth "

The complex includes eight houses. It is a symbiosis of an acceptable price and a comfortable life. Within the framework of a public scale program called "Step Toward", the company chose the location of the facilities. They will be built in the urban residential area and will complement the already developed infrastructure.

Apartments are delivered on a turn-key basis. They have all the necessary furniture and equipment at very reasonable prices. In the object there are studios with an area of 22 square meters. M, as well as three-bedroom apartments, the area of which is 92 square meters. M. Also there are apartments with a beautiful panorama to the river Neva. The height of the buildings is 2.65 m.

The complex will consist of eight monolithic houses, each of which has 16 sections. In the first place will be built four buildings and parking for cars. The second stage of the construction involves the appearance of four more houses, a kindergarten and a cinema.

A separate parking building in nine floors at 919 m / m and underground parking at 18 m / m - another attractive offer from the company. The project also provides for a large open parking lot on the embankment side. On the territory of the complex cars will not go.

A few steps from the buildings is the kindergarten "Holiday +". On the other side of the Far East Prospect there are schools and a swimming pool of Gazprom.

The internal infrastructure of the complex will be erected on the opposite side of Krylenko Street. The object is available for cars. Oktyabrskaya embankment is the main transport highway, which allows you to get to any part of the city. The metro station "Dybenko street" can be reached via its own transport, which runs regularly along the Far Eastern avenue.

At a distance of 2 km there are large shopping malls London Mall, Lenta, Carousel, there are shops of building materials.


The contract for each apartment is insured. The firm has proper documentation for the construction of buildings.

The company Seven Suns Development presents its complex as convenient for living. Since apartments have an acceptable market value, this causes buyers a positive attitude.

The company Seven Suns Development, whose objects are thought through to the smallest detail, provides its customers with comfort. Living in such houses is a pleasure. In the coming years, the embankment will be modified. On it new buildings will be erected.

The minuses of this complex include a close location to the noisy roadway on Oktyabrskaya Embankment. Here, the buyer must decide what is more important - a beautiful view or silence.

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