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What is the preferred electric hand dryer?

Initially, an electric hand dryer was designed for further use in medical institutions. But for today such devices can be found almost in every restaurant, cafe, kindergartens and schools. Without this device shopping malls and large cinemas can not be avoided. Such a rapid popularity and wide scope of its application is due to ease of use and economy. In this article we will talk about the advantages and classifications of dryers.

Principle of operation

To dry your hands with this device, it's enough just to bring them to him. Special indicators will determine the moving object and turn on the warm air supply, which is fed by special fans and a small heating element. When installing such a device, you no longer need to use paper towels.

Convenient design

The first thing that many public institutions pay attention to when choosing them, is a simple and compact design. Modern hand drying does not take up much space. Its design is so simple that you can install it even on your own. For stable operation, the electric hand dryer is connected to the 220 volt network.

Economical and durable

A distinctive feature of all types of electric dryers is the economical consumption of current. This characteristic is of no small importance to the owner. In addition, these electrical appliances have a fairly strong (you can even say, anti-vandal) body. This is especially true for those who have their own cafe or restaurant - because inattentive or sloppy visitors inadvertently can hook on expensive equipment. But, thanks to a robust design, the electric hand dryer is able to withstand any blows (of course, it's not about hammering). In addition, at the moment there are various forms and designs of dryers, not to mention different characteristics.

Option for home

Over the past years, various models of the device began to appear in stores, for example a household electric hand dryer, which is excellent for home use. Usually it is more compact than models for public use.

Hand dryer electric with mechanical drive

Few people know that, in addition to the automatic options that we have just mentioned, there are also mechanical devices for drying hands. By their design and properties, they are in no way inferior to automatic brethren. The only difference between them is mechanical turning on and off. Such devices are designed for premises where the permeability per day is up to ten people, that is, an institution with a small human flow. This can be private homes, cottages, apartments, small offices or hotel rooms. It is worth noting that the use of such devices is not so convenient compared to automatic types that instantly react to any movement of the hand under them. But mechanics has its advantages. The main of them is a limited mode of work. That is, the device is turned on and off only with the help of the switch lever. In some cases this can be considered the most functional and economical option.

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