Voltage stabilizers "Resanta": reviews and applications

Voltage stabilizers "Resant" are devices that ensure the constancy of the current coming from the electrical network. Due to this, the volatile devices get protection from failure. Stabilizers work equally effectively at increased or extremely low voltage. In addition, the devices provide fire safety, preventing overheating of wires and failure of insulation during sudden surges.

Stabilizers "Resanta", consumer reviews about which are completely favorable, have appeared on the market for a long time. In general, the first devices of this type with an electromagnetic principle of operation have been used for more than half a century.

These devices were large in size, low overload capacity and significant weight. Modern electromagnetic or electronic stabilizers "Resanta" are characterized by a relatively low mass, accuracy of stabilization and compact dimensions.

Electromechanical stabilizers "Resanta"

Customer feedback indicates the effectiveness of these devices. They operate on the basis of an automatic transformer with switchable outlets. In essence, the apparatus is an ordinary coil having many turns of copper wire. The most important element of the device is an electromagnetic mechanism equipped with a slider.

When the voltage decreases, the slider moves up the taps until it returns to normal. When the load increases, everything happens vice versa. As a current collector, a graphite brush is used. Stabilizers "Resant", reviews of which speak of them as reliable devices, maintain the output voltage with a deviation of not more than 2 percent, making smooth its adjustment.

Besides, in many models of devices two graphite brushes are provided at once. This feature of the design significantly increases the contact area, and this allows you to quickly adjust the voltage. Also, powerful units of more than 30 kW are equipped with one more transformer. Such models have increased overload capacity and low noise level when used.

Electronic stabilizers "Resanta"

Reviews about this type of devices are also positive. These devices are often called discrete, since the adjustment of the input voltage is performed stepwise. In their design, autotransformers are also used. In contrast to electromechanical in these devices used semiconductors or relays, rather than graphite brushes.

The accuracy of electronic stabilizers is somewhat lower, the deviation is about 10 percent. However, this is not critical, since such voltage surges are permissible for many household appliances. Thus, the Resant stabilizers reliably protect devices with electric motors, for example, refrigerators, plates or pumps.

The main advantage of electronic voltage equalizers is that in their design there are no moving mechanical elements, which ensures long-term operation of these devices.

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