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What to do if in GTA 4 graphics settings do not change: the instructions for actions

If a gamer has a powerful personal computer or laptop, then for him it is basically fun in games only at high parameters. Often there is a problem that in GTA 4 the graphics settings do not change and all the sliders have hung at a minimum. Since this project is part of the legendary series, all the self-respecting industry fans want to try it. For them, changing settings is paramount, and you need to know the mechanisms for correcting the situation.

The essence of the error

The problem with the fact that in GTA 4 graphics settings do not change, comes from the client itself. Some users on the Web say that the root of the problem lies in the video card for two or more gigabytes of memory. This is not so, because the technology can not change the system code in any way. When buying a licensed version in official distributors, such errors were not observed, which means that the whole point is in broken games. Pirates in the process of introducing the tablet, something is overlooked, and there are different effects, including the inability to change characteristics.

Beginning of the fix

So, the user entered the game and immediately saw that the GTA 4 does not change the graphics settings. Do not panic and search the forums for an answer to this simple question. First of all, simply exit the client and find the directory where all the files of the unpacked client are located. In the same folder, right-click on the command "Create". We need a plain text document from the notebook where all correction operations will be conducted. Next, you need to rename this file. Right-click on it and select the appropriate item in the menu. The name must be a commandline, which in translation means "command line". So the gaming client will perceive the file as a system file, and it will affect all the data inside, which means it will help fix the problem with the settings.

Set the command

Creating one document is not enough. In GTA 4, the graphics settings do not change because of a failure in the source code, and this should be corrected with the correct command. To do this, double-click the left mouse button, click the created text file, you need to enter a certain line in it. The general view of it should be "-noprecache -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -novblank -nomemrestrict". Note that there is a space before each dash, which must be present in the document. After that, save the file in the menu or use the Ctrl + S key combination. After this, the user should not have an error so that in GTA 4 the graphics settings do not change to a different position except for the standard one. It is better to carefully check the text document, so that you do not have to go back and re-do this operation.

Change settings

Immediately it is worth noting that if the next time you log in, the problem remains up-to-date, then it's best to do each item anew. Delete the text document, create it again and correctly spell out the words. Then you will bring real satisfaction to GTA 4. Why the graphics settings and other similar issues do not change will lose their relevance. After the done operations, boldly run the client. Wait for the download and go to the menu item control interface. There is a point of "graphics", where you can fine tune the display of many elements. For example, the quality of drawing cars can be specified from zero to one hundred, and at the maximum rate of the car will really look great. Advise a way to friends and acquaintances who are also faced with a problem in order to play together and have fun. Together with the installation of mods the game can show a really high-quality picture, so do not deny yourself this.

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