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How to make a trap in Maynkraft and what can it be?

Many gamers can not understand what traps are in Meincraft. They search all available recipes, but do not find anything like it. In fact, nothing can be found. After all, the trap is a product of the gamer's mind, not of the developers. The fact is that you yourself can create a mechanism or a certain locality, which will be dangerous for anyone who goes there. To do this, you do not need recipes or any specific knowledge. It is enough only to understand the mechanics of the game, as well as the imagination. And the more developed it is, the better, because you can make traps that even the most experienced player will not be able to figure out.

So, how in the "Meincraft" to make a trap to make it work? In fact, there are several groups of traps that are similar to each other according to the principle of action. In this article, the most popular ones will be highlighted.


Most often in "Maynkraft" you can find a trap in the form of a mine. It allows you to quickly neutralize the enemy, leaving him no chance of survival. How to make a trap in Minecraft? It's pretty simple. You will need dynamite, this is the main component, which, strictly speaking, is the mine. The rest is just an environment that allows you to hide all signs of a threat to the enemy. You can create a small house and leave a chest in it. There is no floor in the house, but under one layer of sand will lie dynamite. When another gamer wants to feast on the contents of the chest, he will fall into the sand, contact with dynamite will occur and the explosion will destroy everything around. If you do not want each time the place of use of the mine turns into a funnel from an explosion, you better perform the walls of the house of strong materials, for example, from obsidian. Now you know how to make a trap in Meincraft, but that's not the only way.

Water Traps

In "Maynkraft" everything is as close as possible to reality: your character is tired with time, he needs to eat to restore strength, he can not move with supernatural speeds and so on. So if you're thinking about how to make a trap in Meincraft, you should use water. In this game you can not breathe underwater, and if the enemy finds himself in a pond from which he can not surface, he will suffocate. If you practice, you can create reservoirs in which there will be a hidden whirlpool, and then any enemy trapped in your trap will simply die underwater. In the development of skills you will be helped by special "Maynkraft" -video. How to make a trap of a different kind? It is quite possible. If you do not want to create a whirlpool, there are a large number of other types of traps.


If you're wondering about how to make a trap in Meincraft 152 or another version, you can use the thread. Stretch it on the way to the object of lust of the enemy, it will be invisible. Naturally, if the player moves around carefully and constantly inspects the terrain, he will notice the trap and easily neutralize it with scissors, but if not, you can connect to it distributors, charged, for example, with arrows, so that the enemy receives a lethal dose of damage.


The best way to use traps is to combine. The fact is that many of them are incredibly effective and kill the enemy with almost one hundred percent probability, but they are very noticeable. Others do not cause too much damage, but it is almost impossible to detect them. You can use the strengths and weaknesses of various traps to create combinations that are both imperceptible and dangerous.

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