Mukosat: reviews, warnings

Mucosate is a modern remedy intended for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Its active substance - chondroitin sodium sulfate - slows the destruction of bone tissue. This same polysaccharide normalizes the exchange of phosphorus and potassium in the body, inhibits enzymes that destroy the cartilaginous tissue.

Injections and pills of the drug "Mukosat", experts' reviews confirm this, not only stop the degeneration of tissues, which consists of bones and joints, but even prevent compression of them.

Mukosat, injections or tablets does not matter, increases the formation of glycosaminoglycans, increases the production of intra-articular fluid. Chondroitin can remove inflammation, increase joint mobility, remove pain. The "Mukosat" agent, the experts' reviews are unified in this issue, it does not allow forming fibrinous plaques and thrombi in the bloodstream.

Chondroitin, when it is injected, is absorbed very quickly and within an hour reaches its maximum concentration, which slowly decreases within 48 hours. The medicine is collected in cartilaginous tissue. A quarter of an hour after the injection, chondroitin enters the synovial fluid, and from there it moves directly into the articular cartilage. In cartilage, it accumulates as much as possible in 48 hours.

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Mukosat, whose patients' reviews are mostly very positive, is particularly effective in such cases:

  • In the treatment of degenerative or dystrophic changes in the joints, spine;
  • In the treatment of arthrosis, osteoporosis;
  • With fractures;
  • With parodontopathy.

The drug is available in capsules and as injectable solutions. If administered orally, adults are usually recommended to take three weeks to take 0.75 mg, and then reduce the dosage to half a gram twice a day.

The drug "Mukosat", doctors' opinions are unanimous here, they are prescribed for children up to a year, but only for a quarter of a gram. With age, the dosage rises.

Sometimes doctors recommend injections of the drug "Mukosat". The patients' testimonies indicate that in this form it acts faster, but not all specialists agree with them.

The injections are prescribed for 0.1 g, then increase the dose (for the fifth injection) to 0.2 g. Usually, a course of 30 procedures is prescribed, unless the doctor has prescribed another duration of treatment. After six months, the course of injections is recommended to be repeated.

With the introduction of the drug "Mukosata" or its variant, the means "Mukosat Neo", injectively at the site of the injection can manifest allergic reactions, rash, bruising. In such cases, the drug is canceled.

When prescribing treatment, the doctor takes into account that there is a group of people to whom the composition is contraindicated.

This group includes pregnant women, mothers during lactation, people with increased sensitivity to chondroitin. Children under 5 years of age are not prescribed shots.

It should be remembered that in complex therapy, when the "Mukosat" agent is used in conjunction with coagulants and fibrinolytic drugs, it is possible to increase or decrease blood coagulability. For this reason, treatment should be like a specialist's systematic monitoring, taking into account the clotting rates.

The drug is good in that it practically does not cause adverse reactions, especially severe ones. As mentioned above, it can only cause a minor allergy, which disappears after the drug is withdrawn.

An analogue of the drug "Mukosat" can be considered the most well-known in our country ointment "Hondroksid." However, different dosage forms have different effects, so only the doctor can talk about the advisability of replacing Mucosate with Chondroxide.

Other analogues such as Arthrin, Honsurid, Artra Chondroitin, Hondrohart are also unacceptable to use on their own. Only the doctor can decide which of the medicines will have the best effect.

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