Crafts made from beads - a wonderful combination of glass beads

Each person is unique in his individuality. Every inhabitant of the planet Earth has its own character, its aspirations, its goals and preferences. And only a hobby can be the only link between a young mother in a decree and an elderly nanny working in a kindergarten. Thanks to the hobby, we not only find our calling and discover our talents, but also make friends, exchange experiences and just communicate.

I am a creative person and I can not sit idle. Therefore, my main hobby, I would even say, is occupation - needlework, the basis of which is beadwork. While living in India, I did not know what to do with my free time. After wandering around the local markets, I was surprised to find a large number of varied quality and, most interestingly, cheap beads. Being previously only a connoisseur of this kind of needlework, I set out to study beadwork and learn how to make beadwork with my own hands. Having acquired a large number of various beads, needles, fishing lines and wires and having studied a lot of material, by trial and error, I began enthusiastically to make various handicrafts with my own hands. From beads, you can make not only decorations, but also interior details, flowers, clothes and accessories (handbags, hats). You can embroider pictures and knit. My acquaintance with beadwork began, I thought, with simple patterns of weaving jewelry. Here is an example of my first beadwork decoration.

Then I began to learn the braided scheme of weaving. Crafts from beads with their own hands always interested me and admired their beauty, especially the bundles. My first work in this technique is such a ridiculous tourniquet.

The next harness already looked more impressive.

The scheme for weaving this type of harness is as follows.

Those who want to start with something simpler, you can make a so-called American tourniquet, which is much easier to perform.

The scheme for performing this decoration is as follows.

Then, as a furious researcher, I mastered the technique of weaving a straight chain into two needles. The scheme of such a weave is as follows.

In this way I wove the following jewelry.

In my opinion, this technique is the simplest. Therefore, the lessons of weaving simple beadwork for children can begin with studying this method.

The most painstaking, but my most favorite occupation in this kind of needlework is beadwork beads. A long and demanding amount of zeal and attention, the occupation brings truly fabulous and delightful results. Here are my examples of doing this braiding.

I do not relate myself to the category of masters who make highly artistic crafts from beads with their own hands. I, as a novice, are interested in the very process of learning new techniques and techniques. Sometimes I do not get much, but it gives an even stronger incentive to achieve the goal.

With the help of beads I decorated a small purse.

Work on this accessory is still ongoing.

Quickly and fruitfully passed my work on the creation of thin belts.

Crafts made of beads with their own hands - it's always interesting and exciting. We are creating not just a trinket by weaving the next tree from beads or the master of an asterisk to a key chain - we are moving forward to the top of self-development. Good luck in your endeavors!

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