Paper flowers - exquisite interior decoration or a bouquet as a gift

Flowers are a unique creation of nature. They appeared on our planet even before the most ancient human ancestors. Now these wonderful creations are the embodiment of beauty and perfection. The variety of shapes and colors is amazing. With the help of a bouquet of flowers, it is customary to express their feelings and aspirations of the soul: love, kindness, respect, friendship. Is that why the person has always wanted to copy this beauty by creating paper flowers?

Made with their own hands, flowers made of paper can, just like living ones, very much please loved ones. With the help of artificial creations, panels, postcards, decorations are created, the interior of the premises is decorated. Paper flowers can be an addition to clothing accessories, for example, to women's hats, and a must-have attribute of the holidays.

Really exquisite flowers are obtained if they use "mirror" gold or silver paper reflecting light. Bouquets of such paper flowers will be a fashionable decoration of the interior. From them you can make an elegant composition, placing a bouquet or individual huge flowers in the corner of the room. The original version of the design of the room - several flowing in the form of a waterfall flower threads, fixed on a chandelier.

Making paper flowers - simple ways

In order to make paper flowers, you need light thin paper (cigarette, corrugated, writing); Wire of different thickness; scissors; glue.

Simple flowers in the form of a lush rose, peony, double poppy are made from simple oval petals. Cut from five to ten oblong identical blanks. For internal petals, the size may be slightly smaller. It is possible to use several matching shades of paper: from white to light and bright pink. Internal stamens are made from several strips of paper, cut with fringe, or cotton buds.

Then take the wire and fold it with a loop, through which the stamens are passed. Then gradually, beautifully lay the petals in a circle, each while glued with a small amount of glue on the previous layer. Having formed a flower bud, the base is decorated with green paper on top, wrapping it several times. The stem of the flower is also decorated with green paper, wrapping the wire and fixing the leaves.

To create paper flowers of a more realistic and complex shape, first perform on plain paper patterns. Then cut out the leaves and petals on the blanks, from which you will get refined flowers.

Paper flowers origami

With the help of amazing origami art, you can create unique works that miraculously copy living plants. Of course, the paper copy can not be compared in the "breathable" living energy of life flower, but the beauty of origami creations is amazing. In order to grow a real plant, it takes some time. Origami flower in skilful hands is dissolved in a few minutes. Care must be taken very carefully for the selection of paper. The use of origami flowers is very wide. It is especially popular in Japan to create paintings from man-made flat figures, which is considered a real art. Professionally composed drawings made of paper flowers, decorated under glass and in special frames, will be pleased for many years with their beauty of others.

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