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Petrovsky Gates of Peter and Paul Fortress: description, photo

Do you want to walk around the legendary St. Petersburg without leaving your house? Then join us. Together today we will visit the most interesting corner of the Northern capital, we will examine the Petrovsky gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress on the Hare Island. This is the most visited place for tourists. The unique structure today has become a real reserve, which tells us about the past era. It is necessary here to visit at least once to appreciate her beauty and power. To date, this is one of the few monuments of antiquity that have reached us unchanged. Peter's Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress accompanies tourists to the unique museum of the history of St. Petersburg.

The journey begins

It is impossible to find out Peter without visiting here. This is not just a page of history, but a symbol of the city, Today we will talk not only about Peter's Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress, but also look inside it. Immediately warn tourists that a walk along the Hare Island is free. But do not forget to take cash with you, because there are a lot of places here, the entrance to which requires the purchase of tickets.

So, the Peter Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress is visible ahead. The way to them lies through the Ioannovsky Bridge. It is a legendary object that deserves to be given to it for a certain time. It was built on the site of the first St. Petersburg crossing. Just imagine, for several centuries it adorns itself with this place. True, the bridge has undergone some changes. The very first design was a drawbridge, wooden. So it was conceived with the expectation that in the event of an attack by a doctor it can easily be set on fire and cut off the path to the fortress.

However, a little later the design was slightly changed. On both sides of the beautiful arches were completed. As a result of such upgrades, the bridge has become much longer and wider. After that, the bridge survived many more changes. But the most significant changes occurred already in the XX century. The bridge became pedestrian. For today it is also a walking pavement with beautiful lanterns and fences.

You are greeted by a hare monument

Before you rise the Peter Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress. You have to make a photo for memory in order to show this beauty to all your friends and acquaintances. But let's wait a little longer and look to the left. There, on stilts, there is a small bunny. In the statue itself, there is nothing special, but there is a beautiful legend that tourists like to tell. According to her, Peter 1 at this place picked up a tiny hare, which, fleeing from the flood, himself jumped into his hands. Now it is the eared mascot of the fortress. They say that if you throw him a coin and make a wish, then it will come true.

A unique monument of Russian architecture

Before us are the Peter's Gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The description of them may take a very long time, but today we will have to be very brief. They were built in 1708. For several centuries a unique work of art surprises with its impressive appearance. This is not the work of one master, thousands of people worked on the creation of the masterpiece, each of which contributed. However, the founding father of a large-scale project called Peter's Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress - the architect Dominiko Trezzini. A special beauty is attached to them by a wooden carved panel. It was created by an outstanding sculptor and carved craftsman Konrad Osner. The panel is a symbol of victory in the war of 1700-1721. It was this event that became the starting point for the birth of the Russian Empire.

The main entrance to the fortress

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making such an excursion. Before you are the unique Petrovsky Gates, the Triumphal Arch of the Peter and Paul Fortress of the city. This is a unique monument, which has survived to the present day since the time of Peter I. The famous architect, who presented this miracle to the world, created a classic for those times a model of the front gate. In the lower tier, an arched entrance to the fortress was made, and the upper part played an exclusively decorative role.

Peter's creation

Perhaps the gate would have remained a beautiful arch, if not for the specific trend of that time. The symbolic reflection of the deeds of Peter was necessarily to be imprinted and preserved for descendants. If you are interested in statues and bas-reliefs, be sure to come and see the Peter's Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The sculptures that adorn this monument are admirable. Stock up on free time, so as to consider everything.

The carved panel on the center of a high, semicircular pediment depicts the scene "The overthrow of Simon by the apostle Peter." At the same time, the defeated is probably Charles XII, and the winner is the king himself. Prepare to be surprised further. Here there is a real mixture of epochs, because on both sides of the passage are two statues of Athena. Ancient Greek goddess Athena Pallada in armor on the right side, Poliada (city governor) with a mirror and a snake on the left side. All this composition means that the city is under reliable protection.

Overall Impression

When you first see this grandiose structure, then you feel an unwilling reverence for the skill of its creators. They are executed in an artsy, magnificent baroque style. The surface of the facade wall is processed by rusts. Due to this, it still retains its relief, despite passing centuries. The wall of the first tier is cut deep in niches. They have allegorical sculptures. Theme - war and wisdom. Then everyone can complete the series independently. All the sculptures are made in namaznoy technique. The second tier of the gates is decorated with volutes and a beam gable. It's amazing that such beauty was created as the gate of a battle fortress. True, she never had to stand the siege.

Symbol of Russia

From 1720 it was decided to crown the arch of the gate with a coat of arms, in the shape of a two-headed eagle. It was made of lead, the great sculptor François Vassou. A year later the composition was changed. A huge structure, weighing more than a half tons, was painted and gilded by craftsmen Alexander Zakharov and Ivan Uvarov.

The creation of this sculpture also has its own history. According to legend, the place where the gates stand today was determined by the tsar himself. He cut down two young birches and set them in the form of an arch, indicating the place where the entrance to the fortress will be. At this time, there was a noise of wings, and Peter and his friends saw a soaring eagle. He sat on the created arch, which was perceived as a good omen. Holding the bird in his hands, the king went through the birch arch and sat on the ship.

The image of an eagle

He is familiar to every Russian since childhood, but on the gate is made especially colorful. The figure of the bird, crowned with royal regalia, is painted so expertly that today it is very beautiful. Especially careful is the decoration of the red shield placed on the chest of the eagle. It has a very symbolic picture, George the Victorious, who defeats the serpent. In its choice, Russia was not original, she simply borrowed her coat of arms from Byzantium. This demonstrates the continuity of traditions.


Unfortunately, time takes its toll. By the end of the XVII century, signs of destruction became visible. To stop them from time to time, repairs were carried out. The gate was covered with lime, and then with plaster. The thickness of the layer to our time reached 15 cm. And since interest in the monuments of antiquity only grew, it was decided to return the beauty and grandeur that distinguish the Peter's Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Restoration began in 1951, after a unique, historic site was damaged in a military shelling. The architects AA Kedrinsky and AL Rotach took the cause. As a result, we saw an almost exact copy of the version of the gate that was created several centuries ago. In the spring of 2008, minor repairs were carried out in the fortress, which were of a supporting nature.


If you are interested in the history of your native country, you must definitely choose the time and the whole family to make an excursion. Petrovsky gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress for children will be no less interesting than for adults. However, in order to make the trip even more cognitive, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced guide. Stories about the era of the reign of Peter I are so exciting, especially here, before the unique fortress created during his lifetime. However, on a tour of the Arc de Triomphe the tour does not end.

Ahead is a magnificent museum, which will tell you the history of the great state. The Peter and Paul Fortress itself is an interesting monument. Boys with great interest will examine its bastions, as well as guns. A cannon firing at noon is located in the bastion of Naryshkin. At the foot of the fortress there are several large guns. And girls who are not very interested in military trophies can visit the Cathedral or one of the exhibitions in the museum, which are constantly changing.

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