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Krasnodar, "City Garden": history, photo, address

The oldest park in the city of Krasnodar is the "City Garden", whose history dates back to 1846. Prince Vorontsov MS, being at that time the commander in chief of the Caucasian corps, having the rank of general-field marshal, ordered to build parks in the largest cities of that time in the southern region: Nalchik, Vladikavkaz and Yekaterinodar.

History of the park

After this order, by the beginning of 1848, in the city of Yekaterinodar, (now Krasnodar), they established the "Military Garden" park and assigned a large part of the forest territory for it. In the same year, the authorities sign a contract with the famous landscape designer of the time, the German - Jacob Bekelmeyer. For 6 years of his work, he made the garden a bright, beautiful and best decoration for the city and the entire Kuban, which was known even in remote regions. He brought thousands of vineyards and various ornamental trees from the Crimea and even distributed free seedlings to everyone who wanted them. Soon in the park were introduced paid attractions, a summer cinema was installed.

Reconstruction period

The park was a favorite place for resting the nobility. When the civil war began and affected the city of Krasnodar, the "City Garden " (by that time already renamed the "Army Garden") was badly damaged, decorative trees and vineyards were completely destroyed. In 1922, the reconstruction of the park begins, the destroyed trees and grapes are planted again, while replenishing rare and valuable specimens.

In 1932, the City Council of Krasnodar "City Garden" renamed the park named after M. Gorky. Before the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, he again gained former glory. During the time of military operations, the park was burned beyond recognition, almost all plants were destroyed. The buildings located on the territory of the park were completely destroyed, but after the end of the war, it was again restored. In the park, several fountains were installed, trees and bushes were re-planted, many flower beds were planted.

The park occupies 16 hectares, a large number of dance and concert grounds, a pavilion for playing chess, a shooting gallery, various attractions, a children's playground and even a parachute tower have been placed on it. A zoo corner and a flower greenhouse were created in the park.

Difficult period and achievements

The seventies and eighties of the last century were not easy for the park. It carried out many reconstructions and several times cut its territory. After many years of neglect, the park "City Garden" was put into operation in 1981. Already in 1993, on the territory of the park, festive events were held dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the city of Krasnodar. This is how the park "City Garden" of Krasnodar looked, the photo was taken in 1982, you can see it below.

And 2008 gave the townspeople a holiday that was celebrated with great scope, it was a celebration of the 160th anniversary of the oldest park in the Kuban. In the same year the Krasnodar City Park "City Garden" became the winner in employment of people in clubs on interests. In three park collectives there were more than 350 participants and the park "City Garden" was awarded the highest award, which exists in the park industry - "Golden Pony". The most important sight here is the great oak tree, its peer. Besides this oak in the park there are four more oak trees, which are more than 600 years old. And also there is a tree, which is listed in the Red Book - Japanese Sophora.

Modern park

Krasnodar City Park "City Garden" is incredibly beautiful today and people are always walking in it, enjoying beautiful alleys of lime, hazel, Japanese sophora and not only, but the most beautiful rightly considered alley from the black walnut. It is beautiful no matter what time of year, winter, spring or summer, you can always have a good time in the park, relax and gain strength. In summer you can walk along the alleys, escaping from the heat under the thick foliage of exotic trees. In winter you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Holidays in the park are especially pleasant, there are a lot of entertainment here, both for children and adults. There is a dolphinarium (600 rubles for children up to 3 years free of charge), where you can admire dolphins and fur seals. Rent of bicycles and roller skates (hour - 150 rubles), velomobiles, shooting range, various slides and trampolines for every taste, the Ferris wheel, considered the largest in the southern part of Russia, whose height is more than 50 meters, at this altitude there are beautiful views of the city .

There are more than 30 children's attractions. Usually the ticket cost is 120 rubles, but the park administration introduced such an innovation as the "social environment", all tickets for such a day can be bought for only 80 rubles. For such days in the park there are many people, and the excitement reigns serious. In the park, there are many fountains and various sculptures that are amazing with their beauty. If you feel hungry, but do not want to leave, then you can have a good snack in the park, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants with delicious cuisine.

A tranquil place to relax

For those who like to retire and dream, there is a beautiful lake that swans swans, ducks and geese. You can sit on the shore and feed them with bread. On weekends, various entertaining events are held in the park, people of all ages are interested in rest. On the territory there are dances for those to whom for ... The park amazes and pleases with its cleanliness, there are many garbage containers and lots of benches where you can sit, relax, enjoy the beauty. Flowerbeds and lawns are well-groomed and no bottles or bags are lying anywhere. For history lovers, it will be interesting to visit an ancient settlement located in the park, it was discovered when digging a foundation pit in 1930. The museum exhibits ancient artifacts: vessels, beads, bracelets.

How to get to the park

There is a wonderful place in the Kuban, which will be pleasant to visit, as well as local residents, if you have not already visited, it is a park in the city of Krasnodar - "City Garden". How to get there: bus (101, 107a, 124a, 126a, 127a), tram (2, 4), fixed-route taxi (7a, 7b, 44, 49, 177). There are many options. How to find the park "City Garden"? Krasnodar, address: st. The Post 34.

The territory on which the park is located is simply beautiful. Here everyone will find entertainment for every taste and receive a lot of positive emotions. A wonderful holiday for the whole family is guaranteed.

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