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Booklet for parents in kindergarten: main topics

In kindergarten, the work of educators is very important not only with children, but also with their parents. Informing, assisting in upbringing - these are the small problems that must be discussed at the meeting of these people. In addition to meetings and normal communication, various memos and booklets for parents created to help with a specific problem that may arise in the process of parenting a baby are also well functioning.

What it is?

A booklet is a special form of communication. This printed output is often not bulky in size, it can consist of one tablet folded two or three times. Most often there are highlighted the basic nuances of how to cope with a particular problem.

Topic 1. Adaptation

What can a booklet for parents in the kindergarten inform? The very first: how to properly prepare a child for joining a kindergarten and how the baby will go through the stages of adaptation. In this informative sheet, the stages of the preparation of the baby will be described: the introduction of a regime of life suitable for kindergarten, diet and training in communication skills with strangers. It is important to pay attention to the psychological preparation, as well as the readiness of the baby to go to the garden. The booklet will highlight the basic rules and recommendations that are useful for parents.

Topic 2. SDA

A booklet for parents in kindergarten can disclose the basic nuances of such a topic as the rules of the road. At this stage it is very important to teach children how to cross the road, how to behave, how to act as a participant in the movement of people, how to get on a bus and where to stop, etc. In this brochure, most likely, will be placed instructions on how to better explain to the child the basis of the rules of the road so that it was not only interesting but also understandable.

Topic 3. Communication

A booklet for parents in kindergarten can reveal such an important topic as communication between mom and dad with their own child. Here it is necessary to tell that it is very important to communicate at home with the baby, that it forms him as a person, that you need to talk with a karapuz on an equal footing, without distinguishing it into a special category. Only in this way will the child feel a full-fledged member of society, which will positively affect the formation of him as a separate full-fledged personality. Also it is necessary to point out in this brochure the main mistakes in the communication of parents and children: screaming, quarreling, different orders for action by mother and father, etc.

Theme 4. Preparation

A booklet for parents in a kindergarten can affect the basics of preparing for a particular occupation. So, in the older group, it is important for parents to remind that the child needs to be prepared for school, the booklet can reveal the main points of such preparation. You can also consider the basics of preparing a baby for learning writing, how to develop a child's speech and how to raise a desire to learn in a baby. Such information will be very useful for parents.

Topic 5. Health

Booklets for parents of a kindergarten must necessarily touch upon such a topic as maintaining and preserving one's own health not only of the baby, but of the mother and father. Here you can give recommendations on how to prevent major diseases, remind you of the importance of moderate physical activity and the upbringing of a child's physical culture. It is also important to mention the need for healthy nutrition as a preventive measure not only for obesity, but even for viral diseases.

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