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"The End of the Three Kingdoms": passing the game

The game "The Faraway Kingdom", of course, can be attributed to the genre of farm projects, where you will need to develop their plantations in every way and take care of everyone around them. Of course, in this game there are also unique features, and in particular so it can be said about the excellent design. The developers took into account all the Russian traditions of folk tales, and this can not but rejoice.

So, we have the game "The Faraway Kingdom". Passage surely you will like, as the game carries away and drags on for an extended period of time. In this project, your main task is to fight with all sorts of enemies that are represented in the classical style.


Throughout this game you will meet with such characters as water, Koschey, Kikimora, and also with other heroes that pose a threat. Together they were brought together by the game "The Faraway Kingdom". Passage of tasks you should also like, since here the main task will be the construction of various buildings and structures that should contribute to the protection of the village and, accordingly, the Russian land.

Also in your patrimony there will be several types of soldiers and bogatyrs, who will be equipped with weapons and various protections. In general, about this game we have formed only a positive opinion, since there are so many different interesting quests.


Let's look at what tasks the "Faraway Kingdom" poses to the user. Passage will be difficult to be given only to those participants who have not previously had to play in similar farms. In this case, the developers took into account all the nuances. When you pass each level, you will be helped by a cat that constantly gives clues.

At the beginning of the game you will only have two heroes, as well as several different buildings, including the garden itself, where you can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.


So, it is also worthwhile to talk about the fact that the project has several important resources that you will need to develop a new village. These are gold coins, crowns, rings, and also stars. Let's talk about them in more detail.

As you probably could already understand, gold coins will serve as the main game currency, for which you can buy almost everything in the game "The Faraway Kingdom". Passage of the game without this resource is simply not possible. If you do not have coins, you can not fruitfully develop your village.

"The far away kingdom": the passage of missions

Few players, especially those who are new to the game, are aware of the way in which these magical coins are extracted, which is exactly what we will just talk about. Gold in the project you will receive as a reward for the performance of various missions. Also you can collect coins in different parts of the map.

Actions for which you will receive gold, can be completely different. For example, you will be asked to collect a certain amount of grass, to obtain the necessary number of stone or to harvest logs. Passage of the game without special development is impossible. In this project, you will need to pay due attention to all the little things.

You can also get gold with the help of residential buildings. Accordingly, the more you have such facilities, the higher the quantitative indicators of coins. When building, there may also be restrictions, so you can not occupy the whole village with this type of project.

The game can take you a certain amount of time. Here you should show not only patience, but also your mind and thinking. Only in this case you can fight back from your enemies.

Now you know everything you need about the project "The Faraway Kingdom". The passage, the plot and the main points were described above.

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