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Thomas Angelo from the game "Mafia": biography

There are a lot of cult computer games. But among them the militant "Mafia", which fell in love with all gamers, stands out. The game deservedly received the title of one of the best. Good graphics, a plot that even films can not boast of - this has won the users of the whole world. And they really liked the colorful characters. One of the most loved for many became Thomas Angelo. His biography will be described in this article.


In the past, Thomas was an ordinary taxi driver in the city of Lost Haven. But after a while, unexpectedly for himself, he began to build a career in the mafia. He worked for the criminal clan Salieri - one of a couple of the largest associations that dominate the city. Opposed to this syndicate is the family of Don Morello, who is an unprincipled and cruel man. He, at first sight, is far from the refined and intelligent Salieri.

Joining the clan

It all begins in the fall of 1930 with the fact that Thomas Angelo saved two people from Salieri from persecution. Later they become his partners. After the rescue, Thomas Angelo receives a good reward. In his envelope put a decent amount, which exceeded what was needed to repair the car. After some time, the people of Morello tracked down the hero and beat him, but he managed to escape. After the incident, he turned to Salieri for help and joined the clan, with no other options.

As a first test of loyalty, the Morello machines were damaged. After Tom successfully coped with the matter, he was accepted into the clan. Gradually, the hero gets more and more responsible and difficult tasks. Once he managed to save his partners from death during the unsuccessful collection of money for the roof. Over time, Thomas begins to understand the difference between Salieri and Morello. The first is a businessman, an attacker only in response to insults, and the second is just a scoundrel.


In 1932, the character fell in love with the daughter of a bartender - Sarah. He protected her from street hooligans who stuck to her. A year later they played a wedding, and two years later they had a daughter. It was at this time that the war of two clans began. The cause was the betrayal of one of the members of the Salieri family. Thomas is tasked with dealing with a traitor in a brothel, where it was also necessary to eliminate a prostitute distributing unnecessary information. But in it, Tom finds out his wife's girlfriend and lets her go.

At the same time, the war between the clans began. And Tommy kills the city councilor, who brought a lot of problems to Salieri, and then - to the brother of Morello. After them, the leader was killed himself, who was caught unawares. Thus, the Salieri family became the most powerful criminal organization in the city. At the end of the 1930s, a political campaign was launched that was directed against the mafia, but even it was stopped by murder.

Thomas and his companions become friends. Once they suspected their boss of underpayment. They opened a box of cigars and found diamonds there. To compensate for damage, Tom and Paul robbed the bank located in the territory of Salieri. After a day, Paulie is killed and money disappears. Thomas learns that he must be killed. Sam offers help, but betrays him. After a long shootout, Tom gets to Sam. He warns him about the problems. Thomas can not forgive him and kills him.

Crucial moment

After all that happened, Tom leaves the country, taking his family with him. But, not wanting to repeat the fate of Frank, after a while he secretly returned back and told his story to the detective. So, he became a participant in the program, which protects witnesses.

For some time he was in a safe place and described in detail his life, as well as working for the mafia. After this, after changing the name, Thomas moves with his family to another city, where he hopes for a quiet life. He gets a job as a driver for a large company. Many of the Salieri clan, due to his testimony, were sent to prison, and some were executed.


Many years later, two elderly men approached the house of elderly Thomas Angelo, who later become heroes of the game "Mafia 2" - Vito Scaletto and Joe Barbaro. After making sure that the right person is in front of them, they give him greetings from Salieri and kill him.

Despite the inconsistency of the character, the fans liked the game. By the way, the murder scene not only completes the first part. "Mafia 2" also begins with it. Only in the second part it is performed in a more beautiful graphics.

This was the character of Thomas Angelo. Quotes of it are still used by gamers around the world. For example: "You know, this world is not governed by laws written on paper. He is governed by people "or" He who wants too much, runs the risk of losing absolutely everything. " The words of this hero are popular. And this means that it was invented not in vain.

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