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Turtle. What is the symbol of this animal?

Surrounding yourself with talismans means creating certain conditions that will lead to the fulfillment of certain expectations. Therefore, many are interested in what the symbol of a turtle, an elephant, a frog and other animals represents, what life circumstances they attract, what opportunities can be realized. It is worth noting that the understanding of the importance of these moments was characteristic of all the ancient civilizations that inhabited our beautiful planet. The modern type of Western man, to great regret, has moved far from using symbols for his own purposes, which in many ways explains the causes of frequent stresses, depressions and the like. Although even before us came the echoes of the knowledge of the ancient Indians with their totem animals, and the writings of the inhabitants of the Far East, everywhere using talismans to achieve certain goals.

Tortoise symbol

This article describes the purpose of storing figurines depicting a turtle. What they are, and what can you expect a person who uses the symbolism of this ancient animal? In order to better understand what the turtle symbolizes, the symbol of which this animal embodies and other aspects related to it, one should turn to the eastern doctrine - Feng Shui. I must say that according to the vision of the world, which offers Feng Shui, the tortoise is one of the strongest symbols. There are four in all, and each of them represents one of the animals called heavenly. The other three are the dragon, the phoenix and the tiger.

The value of the symbol

So, knowing that a turtle is a symbol, what can we expect from its placement. I must say that the sphere of influence of the figures depicting this animal is quite large. But the main directions of its impact are considered to be protection, longevity, success in business and promotion on the career ladder. Of course, it will be naive to believe that the person who installed this figure will immediately come all by himself, since the tortoise is also the embodiment of labor, and a fair reward for it. It will not be able to radically change life in a moment , but it will give the wisdom to direct its efforts in the right direction, where the invested labor will pay off many times.

Different kinds of figurines

It is worth noting that various compositions with this animal allow us to strengthen the influence of some common aspects that cause the turtle-symbol to live. What, for example, can you expect from three turtles installed one on another, and what does the same animal symbolize, but with the dragon's head? To answer these questions, it is advisable to devote some time, which certainly can not be called wasted, to the study of Feng Shui. Then it becomes clear that the turtles set on one another are a symbol of the unity of generations, the dragon's head allows to give more opportunities, combining the symbolism of two celestial animals, the black tortoise enhances the influence on the work, contributing to more effective promotion, and so on.


So, knowing why a turtle is acquired, the symbol of what it embodies, you can correctly use all the faith embedded in it for your purposes, which will become much easier.

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