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Amusement park, Yaroslavl, Damansky island: description, reviews

Almost all Russian cities are decorated with parks and squares, where you can walk, breathe fresh air sitting on the bench. In Yaroslavl, the city's amusement park is considered a favorite holiday destination.

Yaroslavl has on its territory a lot of green areas for recreation, but this park, located on Damansky Island, is the most popular and most visited. It is located in the historical part of the city, where the Kotorosl River flows into the Volga.

From the history of the park

Before the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War there were vegetable gardens in the place of the present park, to which locals traveled by boat. In December 1944, the city council decided to create a park zone in the floodplain of the Kotorosl River. Several years after the adoption of this decision, the townspeople actively beautified, planted trees Damansky Island - Yaroslavl needed a modern landscaped park. And their efforts were crowned with success. The park has become one of the best in Europe.

Amusement park (Yaroslavl, Damansky Island) these days

After the desolation of the nineties of the last century, the park was restored, and today it is on the list of the best parks in Europe. In the summer, the amusement park (Yaroslavl) provides its guests with a wide range of different attractions. And in between breaks, you can visit the dance floor or sit in one of the cafes.

Damansky Island (Yaroslavl), or rather the park, located on its territory, fell in love with lovers of a quiet family holiday in nature. There are alleys along which there are shops. The amusement park (Yaroslavl) is famous for its huge number of flower beds and flower beds: from early spring until late autumn, they delight in bright colors and fragrance.

In April 2016, an unusual art object appeared in the park. The chair with a height of more than three meters, in addition to its officially recognized function, will also serve as a platform for holding large-scale city events. This idea was borrowed by the leadership of the park in Moscow. It is planned to install other art objects from forged metal and wood, such as "a bench for kissing" and "Iron lumberjack."

Adult visitors to the park can visit the cinema located on site or sit in a cafe. And with the onset of dusk, the disco is starting here, which is visited by the urban youth.

Cultural events

The amusement park (Yaroslavl) is the center of cultural life, where city holidays are held. In winter, the most cheerful and popular is the celebration of Maslenitsa. At this time in the park you can ride a snowmobile. In summer the ice cream festival, which is loved by all young (and not only) residents, is held.

In addition, the park organizes dancing evenings, exhibitions of folk craftsmen. Residents of Yaroslavl with pleasure visit the park, when it hosts concerts of local musical groups. On the territory there are rentals of bicycles, sigvei, rollers.

The city with the island connects Damansky Bridge, from Podelenye Street. He fell in love Yaroslavl newlyweds. According to the tradition, the bridegroom carries her chosen one across the bridge, and then the lovers fix the union with the "castle of love". Today, on the rails and special cast-iron trees, you can see hundreds of such locks.


Passing through the bridge, visitors of the park find themselves in a magnificent entertainment city, where they are waited by dizzy attractions for adults and fascinating for children. In addition to the townspeople, guests who come to Yaroslavl also like to relax here. The amusement park, where prices are quite affordable, attracts large families.

"Roller coaster"

This is one of the most famous and popular attractions of the park. Fans of thrill rises to the top platform and sit down in the trailers. With the beginning of the movement, they rush down, rapidly picking up speed, and then take off to a new hill. Differences in altitude and speed produce effect and delight the tourists.

Despite the fact that the lift height here is not too high, high speed makes a great impression and the attraction is always announced with cheerful and amazed cries. The townspeople gave him the second name - "Mad Train".

"The Giant Swing"

Initially, the attraction was called "Mars". It is a huge swing, so the second name is quite popular. The attraction "Giant swing" is designed for a large number of visitors. Picking up a huge speed, the swings lead to the indescribable delight of the guests an incredible feeling - it seems that the earth is leaving from under the feet. All brave men wear seat belts, so the likelihood of an accident is excluded.


The amusement park (Yaroslavl) can surprise even connoisseurs of park entertainment. The colorful "Octopus" does not remain without visitors' attention ever. Those who want to ride on it are always there.

In addition to the fact that he himself is spinning, his "tentacles" also rotate, booths where people sit. All this happens at different levels: then higher, then lower. From this movement, the head in full sense goes around. Therefore, people with problems of the vestibular apparatus should better avoid this attraction by the side.

Children attractions

Many attractions in the park are built for young guests. In addition, they can jump here on a trampoline and go for a drive. Along the paths of small passengers a small locomotive is rolling, which will take them to the pool with boats in the form of swans or to the attraction "Horses", which rolls the kids around.


This is one of the newest attractions of the park. Booths in the form of cockleshells gently swirl in the rhythm of the waltz, and under them seem to play the waves of the boundless sea. They then twist the shell, then throw it on the crest. "Waltz" can be visited by children from the age of seven, but under the supervision of adults.

How to get to the park?

The park will take you any kind of public transport, next to the Square of the Epiphany:

  • Bus number 44;
  • Trolleybuses No. 9, 6, 5;
  • Fixed-route taxi № 97, 91, 81, 46.

From the stop "Ul. Komsomolskaya "should cross the square in the direction of the Transfiguration Monastery and go towards the embankment, then turn to the stadium" Spartak "(there are signs).

The park is open daily from 10.00 to 22.00. The entrance to the park is free, the cost of tickets for rides ranges from 60 to 120 rubles.


The townspeople love their park. They like clean and well-groomed territory, located on a separate island, a lot of attractions, affordable prices, the opportunity to feed children without leaving the park (in the cafe located here). The shortcomings most often include the absence of tracks in some areas, which causes inconvenience in rainy weather.

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