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"Demidkovo" - sanatorium in the Perm region: description, reviews

Qualitatively relax and improve your health can not only during a summer trip to the sea. "Demidkovo" is a sanatorium with a long history, inviting guests to rest all the year round. All the details about treatment, accommodation options and leisure activities in this complex are in our article especially for you.

Sanatorium "Demidkovo", Perm Region, the village of Polazna

The health-improving resort is located forty kilometers from the city of Perm. The sanatorium is built on the banks of the Kama River, under the shadow of age-old pines. This is the former Stroganov land, granted to merchants Ivan the Terrible in 1558. Historically, large industrial facilities were not built in this area, so it was possible to preserve the picturesque nature in its maximally natural state. It is in this unique area that "Demidkovo" is located - a sanatorium with an extensive medical and health-improving base and comfortable conditions. This is one of the best holiday destinations in the whole Perm region, where guests from other regions of Russia are also willing to come. Popular questions among those wishing to purchase vouchers: where is the sanatorium "Demidkovo", how to get here by car or public transport? Everything is very simple: from the city of Perm you can take a suburban bus to the village of Polazna, and then take a taxi or wait for the shuttle bus to the sanatorium. On a personal car it is more convenient to go using a navigator or a map. Your goal is to get to the village of Polasna. The sanatorium is in close proximity to it.

Infrastructure and living conditions

The sanatorium has its own enclosed landscaped territory with a beach. There are three large residential buildings with rooms of different size and level of comfort, as well as several cottages, each of which is designed to accommodate two families or a large friendly company. The sanatorium has a medical department and a spa. In addition, there are quite open children's and sports grounds on the territory of the complex, there is a gym, equipment for sports and active recreation. There will be no problems with the organization of leisure. Sanatorium "Demidkovo" offers its guests entertainment for every taste: cinema, billiards, bowling, children's playroom, horse riding and excursions. Everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

Sanatorium "Demidkovo": photo and description of rooms

The therapeutic and health complex offers its guests accommodation in three modern comfortable and residential complexes. There are numbers of different categories: luxury, studio, standard. Among the proposed options, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable for the family, one person or two. The sanatorium has all the conditions for recreation with children, there are children's furniture for kids of different ages. Each room has a separate bathroom, all necessary furniture and household appliances. Modern design and thoughtful equipment of living rooms will allow you to relax and make your rest or treatment even more pleasant.

Sanatorium "Demidkovo" offers accommodation with meals. Here you can adhere to several therapeutic diets or enjoy European cuisine (buffet). In summer there is a cafe in the open air.

Accommodation in cottages and entertainment

An alternative option for accommodation in the sanatorium is cottages. These are single-story, two-storey and three-storey houses, with two separate bedrooms, a common living room, a dining room. In one of the cottages there is a billiard room, and in the other - its own kitchen. This house is ideal for relaxing two families or a group of friends. "Demidkovo" is a sanatorium built on the river bank. In the warm season, two sandy beaches can be visited, where you can go boating or catamarans. Relax and forget about the noise of the big city will help hiking in the forest, the surrounding sanatorium, or fishing. In winter, skiing is offered. In addition, guests of the sanatorium are provided with a swimming pool, saunas and a variety of spa treatments.

Main treatment profiles

In "Demidkovo", patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, genitourinary, digestive and nervous systems can effectively improve their health. Also, the sanatorium deals with the treatment of metabolic and circulatory disorders, respiratory diseases. The real pride of the medical complex is the use of local mineral waters and mud in therapy. Also, patients are offered hardware treatment, various massage techniques, ozone therapy, a variety of wraps and water procedures.

Spa and wellness services

"Demidkovo" is a sanatorium that offers not only purposeful curative programs, but also general health programs. One of the most popular destinations among the guests of the resort is general improvement and struggle with the typical conditions of a resident of a large city. This restoration of emotional balance, struggle with stress, improvement of immunity, weight correction. Also there are specialized general health programs for children, adolescents and pregnant women. In addition, guests of the sanatorium can visit the spa center, which offers a variety of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology services. These are procedures aimed at correcting weight, caring for the body, face and hair, relaxing and improving the overall well-being of the patient.

Reviews about the sanatorium

Many residents of Perm Krai and guests from other regions of the Russian Federation come to Demidkovo every year. The sanatorium pleases with clean air, beautiful nature and a large territory with a thoughtful infrastructure. This is what all those who have had a rest here say in their reviews. Many people like the variety of accommodation options in this complex. Everyone can have a rest here for an acceptable amount personally, choosing an appropriate accommodation option and the necessary basic services. Many come to a sanatorium for ordinary rest and buy permits at a low price, refusing a medical program.

"Demidkovo" (sanatorium) reviews are not only positive. Some guests remain dissatisfied with the organization of the regime of the day, nutrition. However, all these are trifles, most of which can be solved with the resort administration during rest. Unequivocally negative feedback and no complaints. Holidaymakers who visited Demidkovo in the winter and in the summer, say that it is in the warmer months of the year that the sanatorium is more interesting. Clean beach, a variety of summer entertainment - a trip to a sanatorium can be a worthy alternative to traditional summer holidays at sea.

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