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Do I need a passport to Turkey for Russian citizens?

For many of our compatriots, the Turkish coast has long been a native land. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually pack their suitcases, going on holiday in Turkey, because this country welcomes everyone who has been welcoming for many years. Comfortable hotels, clean beaches, warm sea, beautiful nature, oriental flavor, hospitable residents - all this is so beckons holidaymakers.

Tourist trips to Turkey are offered at every step. All travel agencies tell about the delights of rest at this resort, so to resist the temptation is very difficult. Many tourists are familiar with the information on the abolition of the visa regime with this state, so often they have a question about whether a foreign passport is needed in Turkey. It should be noted that this document is necessary when leaving your country wherever. Without a passport, it's simply impossible to travel outside Russia.

Going to the resort, it is important to check in time whether all the necessary documents are in order, so as not to overshadow your rest in Turkey. Hot tours require a quick reaction, because there is almost no time for preparation, but you need to collect suitcases, buy everything you need. Therefore, it is important to prepare a full package of documents, the most important of which are tickets, a passport, a voucher. Sometimes you still need a certificate of income, but this is rare. Basically, Turks are loyal to visitors and check only their passports, but in the case of a more thorough check, the absence of one of the documents may threaten deportation to their homeland.

Many tourists are wondering whether you need a passport to Turkey for children. If the child is under 14 years old, then it is enough to write in the passport of one of the parents and the pasted photo, but you can make your own document. Before the trip it is important to check the expiration date of the document: it must be valid for 3 more months after the tourist leaves home.

The question of whether a foreign passport is needed in Turkey, mainly arises from citizens who have never before traveled outside their homeland. It should be noted that this is the most important document confirming the identity, which is far from home. When crossing the border of any country, only it is taken into consideration, although it is possible to take along a Russian passport.

On the question of whether you need a passport to Turkey, the answer is obvious. Therefore, those who do not have it, you need to hurry up with the design of this important document. In some cases, the procedure can take up to a month, so you must first settle all the formalities, and then engage in choosing a voucher. Turkey does not belong to those countries where foreigners are given increased attention to customs control, as, for example, in Israel or the UAE. But still, at least for the sake of our own safety, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documents so that instead of a chic vacation, not go back home with nothing.

Turkey is a beautiful country, an excellent resort for recreation of all categories of citizens. Children, young people, elderly people feel equally comfortable here, but in order to avoid being spoiled, one should be concerned about the availability of all documents.

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