The impotent husband: what to do and how to live with it further?

Impotence is a serious problem that can happen in every family. Unfortunately, a very small number of families are able to withstand such a misfortune, in most cases, sooner or later the marriage falls apart. However, this should not be so, because impotence is not the end of the world. First, there are various ways to return the male power, so that you should not despair right away. Secondly, it is necessary to act as a united front, as in the case of any other problem that arises in the family. The wife should not distance herself from her husband, the husband should not start blaming his wife for his problems. Spouses should unite and together analyze the current situation in order to find a joint solution. If the husband is impotent, then this is not a sentence yet, so you should read this article to get information on what to do and how to live with it. In no case should one panic and allow emotions to prevail over you. If you care about your husband, impotent or not, you will stay next to him and help him deal with his problem.

Impotence in the modern world

Unfortunately, in the modern world everything is not so simple as many would like. The impotent husband now is a full-blown stigma that is terrifying for both men and women who live with such a man. And this is very difficult to get rid of, because it is a kind of stigma. But you should understand that the intimate life is not just called intimate - this is what happens only between you. So why is it so difficult to deal with this problem?

What it is?

So, impotence is the loss of a male erectile function, which leads to the inability to perform sexual intercourse. In the modern world, the image of a macho man is very common, therefore any man who loses the ability to perform sexual intercourse can be considered as a lower grade. And that's why many husbands do not even share their problems with their wife, trying to avoid her and, consequently, sexual intercourse in every possible way. But this only leads to more serious complications, since a woman may suspect her husband of treason or some other unpleasant things, which further increases the probability of a split in the family and a subsequent divorce.

Causes of impotence

At the same time in the modern world impotence occurs more and more, and the reasons for this there is a huge amount, from constant stress and ending with unfavorable environmental conditions. Therefore, it is not necessary to see impotence as a personal problem and damage to one's own image, as this is just a disease with which you need to see a doctor. And in this case, the wife has to play a decisive role, since most men will not want to put their ego into such a strong loss and seek medical attention with intimate problems. Accordingly, it is the wife who must convince him of the need for such a step. As you can see, the impotent husband is a serious problem, but not in the sense in which many may think. This is a problem due to the prevailing stigma that needs to be overcome if you want to preserve happiness in the family.

Is the wife guilty?

However, before calling a doctor, you need to think carefully and analyze the situation on your own, because the reason may not be physiological at all. There is a possibility that it is the wife that causes the husband to be impotent. What should the wife do in this case? How can this happen at all? It turns out that cases of partial psychological impotence are very often encountered, that is, the reason is not in the physiological, but in psychological problems, and the root of these problems is often the spouse herself. She can criticize her husband, make fun of him, and especially the criticism of his opportunities in bed affects him. There may also be no spiritual intimacy, which deprives some men of the desire for physiological intimacy. So first of all you need to think about how you behaved recently in relation to your spouse. Try to change your behavior, talk to him about your relationship and so on. However, this is only a special case, and it often happens that the reason is really physiological. So, your husband is impotent. What should a wife do in such a situation?

Possible reasons

The fact is that impotence is not something shameful and has nothing to do with the libido of a man, because in most cases it is caused by a variety of diseases, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and so on. As you can see, all these diseases damage the blood vessels, which reduces the flow of blood to the genitals, thereby making it impossible for an erection. Accordingly, you need to monitor not only how the impotent husband behaves, but also for the way that his illness manifested itself. There is a high probability that all his problems in bed are associated with some serious illness, and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. And it is no longer about the possibility to perform sexual intercourse, but about the health of your man, and even about the possible threat to his ability and life. If your husband is impotent and does not want to be treated, then you will have to influence him, because this will be the only reasonable way. So try to explain to him how important it is to start treatment as early as possible.

Timely treatment

If a woman says to herself "I love an impotent husband", then the problem is already half solved. The fact is that impotence often results from rather cool relations between spouses, and not only because the wife no longer so loves and praises her husband, but only criticizes him. The fact is that, as you have already learned, impotence often does not arise by itself, but is a consequence of some disease. And the diseases that cause such a disease can be very much, since impotence manifests itself both because of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and because of diseases of the endocrine, genitourinary and even nervous systems. Therefore, a caring wife will quickly notice that something is wrong with her husband's health, so the problem will be eliminated effectively, and the potency will gradually return to the man. So the task of the wife is to follow her husband, and even if he refuses to go to the doctor, as many men do, convince him that timely treatment will benefit both him and the whole family. So you do not need to be the woman who writes, "I change my impotent husband," because such women not only do not help solve the problem, but they are also one of the main reasons for this problem.

How to act?

In the case of such an unpleasant combination of circumstances, the wife must be very careful not to offend her man. As you already knew, this is not the end of the world, so you just have to acknowledge the fact of the disease and the fact that your husband is impotent now. How to live on? This is a stupid question, which for some reason appears on the web very often. You need to live on in the same way as before, but you just need to overcome an unpleasant disease. How to live on when your husband got sick with the flu? This question does not make sense, does it? The same applies to impotence. But only in this case it is worth noting that many men become very closed and sensitive to intimate topics, so you will need to behave as carefully as possible and show care and love. If a man sees that you understand him, that you accept his problem and want to help him, then he himself is more likely to reveal himself and gladly will work to regain his masculine strength.

But first of all you need to understand that in your family there should not be any psychological problems, since in that case no clinic will help you. In the family there must be love and understanding, and only in this case you will be able to fight the physiological factors that cause problems. So, as you can see, you do not need to decide the question of how to live with your impotent husband. You need to focus on how you cure your husband.

Spouse Activity

If your husband becomes impotent, then you need to see a doctor who will help determine the cause and prescribe the treatment. However, as mentioned earlier, there is no cure for impotence, there is only a cure for the diseases that cause impotence. Therefore, you need to take the situation into your own hands and promote a further sexual life in your family. Potency does not immediately return to the man, so you need to take the initiative. Make it much easier than you think. You just need to use some unusual underwear, turn on the music, choose a new place, a new pose, and most importantly - do not put any pressure on your man, and if he still does not get anything in bed, convince him that, That everything is in order and he has nothing to worry about.

Increased tone

Also, the potency is affected by the general tone of the body, so your husband should do sports. Now there are a large number of gyms, and it is likely that there is already such a hall at his workplace that he can attend for free. Naturally, this is not the only option, and you can inspire him to go out in the evenings for a jog or just walk with him on foot. You can also do a relaxing massage for him, and many experts recommend a contrast shower as a way to quickly and effectively enhance the tone of the body.


When a woman says "Husband became impotent - what to do?", Users often suggest using "Viagra" and other similar drugs. However, this is incorrect advice, since such drugs only temporarily increase the flow of blood to the genitals, which does not have a long-term beneficial effect. You need to focus on products that are called aphrodisiacs. This means that they increase the sex drive of a person, and if your husband will constantly use such products, then his sexual function will not only return, but will get even better. Most often, aphrodisiacs include a variety of seafood, from mussels to oysters. It is also recommended to use citrus fruits and a variety of spices, known for their miraculous properties. These include, for example, ginger, cloves and saffron.

What is not worth doing?

Since we are talking about "Viagra" and other similar drugs, it is worth paying attention to all the main points that neither husband nor wife should do if they are faced with this unpleasant problem. The most important thing about which you should always remember, is that you first need to consult a doctor. Even if you are talking about such proven methods as increasing the tone of the body and eating citrus products, you should always first consult with a doctor. In no case do not use traditional medicine, since they are more likely to only harm you or at best have no effect.

You also need to work on your attitude to this problem. You should not ignore it, but do not pay too much attention to it. No panic, no "ends of the world". You need to seriously and calmly approach the problem, develop a strategy to fight the disease and solve it once and for all. Do not try to look for the guilty, blame yourself or your husband. This will only worsen the situation.

What should the husband do?

A wife is the person who should help her husband in everything, if he faces the problem of impotence. However, the main responsibility for the treatment in this case is still on the man. Therefore, he should independently understand the seriousness of the situation and take the initiative. Firstly, he should not resist visits to the doctor, but, on the contrary, independently express the desire to visit him. Secondly, a man should not be afraid or ashamed, especially before his own wife. It is with her that we must first discuss the problem. Thirdly, you need to concentrate not only on the disease, but also on additional factors, such as a passive lifestyle, excess weight and so on. Fourth, you need to follow exactly all the doctor's instructions, both in matters of treatment, and in matters of diet, physical activity and so on. And fifthly, you need to be more attentive to the issue of sexual intercourse. Do not have sex during stressful experiences when you are tired and when it's hard for you. It is best in the case of such a problem to create ideal conditions for sexual intercourse for a greater probability of success.

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