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Fedotova Kosa - a wonderful holiday in Kirillovka

In Kirillovka there is a large number of boarding houses, hotels and bases. There is a comfortable climate and comfortable beaches. In this place, the main entertainment centers and places for leisure activities are concentrated.

Fedotova spit is a strip, consisting of shallow sea sand. It begins at the village of Kirillovka and extends for a long distance towards the Sivash gorges. This place is very appreciated by tourists who prefer beach holidays on the Azov coast. Fedotova spit with endless expanses of clean beaches of fine sand-shell rock does not leave indifferent holidaymakers, attracting its purity and naturalness of nature. Even in the height of the season, the resort can find free and quiet places. The spit divides the Sea of Azov with the Utlyuk estuary. Its length is almost 45 km (together with the territory of Biryuchevo). Until 1929 Biryuchiy was an island, until the sand was poured and mixed with a scythe near the village of Kirillovka.

Fedotova spit, rest on which can only be within the 25-kilometer section, has a protected area with unique plants and species of birds of rare populations. They are listed in the Red Book.

Fedotova Kosa in Ukraine is famous for its diverse diversions. Right in front of the entrance there is a well-known modern water park "Treasure Island", the distinctive feature of which is not only in the newest attractions and fashionable entertainment activities, but also in the absence of chlorinated water in the pools. Not far from the water park is the dolphinarium "Oscar". He is one of the largest not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. It functions throughout the year. During the holiday season, a variety of show programs are held in the dolphinarium, and in the cold season the complex offers wellness treatments using dolphin therapy.

Fedotova Kosa is famous for its balneological resort. Sea air is saturated here with a wide variety of minerals and trace elements, coming from evaporation from local estuaries, rich in silt medicinal mud. The resort is an ecologically clean area, remote from the industrial zone. In the pure steppe air on the Fedotovaya spit there are volatile herbicides, creating a unique mild climate, ideal for people with respiratory and allergic diseases.

Base on the Fedotova spit in Kirillovka

The spit is rich not only with excellent and comfortable beaches. In this place most of the comfortable and well-known recreation centers of the village are concentrated. Recently, the hotels have been modernized and have become a real decoration of the picturesque landscapes of this resort, Kirillovka. Recreation bases (Fedotova Kosa) today are modern hotels of different class of service with developed infrastructure and comfortable rooms for a wonderful stay of the whole family. For this it is only necessary to leave the base and get into the world of magical rest from water entertainments, parachutes, sailing boats and catamarans.

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