The palisade is ... What is the palisade?

In Russian, the number of words is measured in millions. Each of them has its own lexical meaning, but not every person knows what, for example, an agrarian or a deadlock. The theme of this article is the meaning of the word sung by "Pesnyary" in the song "Vologda".

Morphology of the word

Happened from the French palissade (fence, stake), Italian palizzata and Latin palus.

Palisad-pa-li-sa'd. Shock vowel: Palis, etc. The vague vowels: a garden and a garden. Voiced consonant letters: Deaf consonants: paul with hell.

Noun, masculine, inanimate, 2nd inclination.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Palisade Palisades
Genitive Palisade Palisades
Dative Palisade Palisades
Accusative Palisade


Instrumental The Palisade The Palisades
Prepositional About the Palisade About palisades

Semantic properties

The word itself has several lexical meanings:

  • The palisade is an easy fence of boards, racks and poles. Usually dug in third to the ground. That is, the palisade, in other words, it is a fence.

  • Light garden hedge, located on the edges of decorative trees or bushes. "The lawn around the house was surrounded by a palisade, inside it were red and yellow flowers, and inside it was a stone-paved path."
  • In the old days, the palisade is a defensive structure or fortification, consisting of a continuous series of planks and logs, sharply sharpened at the ends and dug into the ground. Often used to slow the advance of the enemy through trenches or in the ditches around the castles. "When we approached the enemy's trenches, we were met by a solid palisade, and we spent a lot of time waiting for the equipment to overcome it."

  • The technical range of piles and logs driven into the ground. Their task is to strengthen the earth rock and to protect against landslides and the shedding of the site.
  • The palisade is a tissue of the flesh of plants, consisting of densely elongated cells containing a significant amount of chloroplasts.
  • The same as the front garden, as well as a light fence around it. The front garden is a small flower garden near the house, fenced with a fence, inside of which a track is usually located.

Synonyms: a fence, a palisade, a fence, a fence, a structure, a stance, a ditch, a wall, a city.

"The house where the carved palisade"

In the city of Vologda there is a house that fits perfectly into the lines of the famous song. It is the house of art crafts and crafts. On the site there is an appropriate monument. There is also a second candidate. It is a palisade, which is surrounded by a monument of wooden architecture of the 19th century. Now the building is occupied by the printing office, where they print abstracts and scan documents.

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