What is a flaw: definition, synonyms, examples

The word "flaw" is used in everyday communication not so often, it is mostly found in literary works. And although this is not the most common word, knowing its meaning is still useful to every intelligent person. We will deal with what is a flaw. In the article, we also look at synonyms for words and examples of use.


What is a flaw? This word has two meanings: the first is vice, an undesirable feature (development, character or behavior), a weak point. The second value is the damage, the lack (means, resources).

In modern literary speech, the first definition is usually used.

In most explanatory dictionaries, in order to answer the question what is a flaw, the authors give a list of synonyms by which this word can be replaced, because it is rather difficult to define without them.

In Russian the word came from the Persian language.


To better understand what is a flaw, we will give examples of the use of this word:

  • "He is a good man, but he has one flaw - he drinks too much."
  • "She was very attractive, but the flaws in her behavior irritated those present."

In the examples given, this word means a flaw. By this synonym it can be replaced in all the above sentences. Defect - a synonym for the word flaw - can also be used. You can use other synonyms: vice, imperfection, defect, weakness - which are used depending on the context, for example:

  • "His friend hides his physical defect from everyone."
  • "His main drawback is irritability."
  • "There is one drawback in your work - too superficial analysis."
  • "Defects of her pronunciation, she tried to hide, but it turned out badly."

Lack of material resources, resources, hands, loss can also be described using this word or its synonyms:

  • "Ivan wanted to buy horses, but there was a flaw in the money."
  • "The peasant was building a hut, but he was an employee of a flaw."

Now in this sense the word is used extremely rarely, mainly in literature to create a certain style in historical books.

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