A new model of Skoda Fabia. Reviews

The new model of Skoda Fabia has radical differences from the former not only by internal parameters, but also by external ones. The car in many respects began to resemble Suzuki Swift, including coloring of a body. It should be noted that the manufacturer offered fifteen colors, eleven of which are metallic.

Places in the new car are quite a lot, the car is comfortable and comfortable, and numerous reviews speak about it. Skoda Fabia became somewhat longer and higher than the previous model. In the car seats at the rear fold, but the efficiency of the space is slightly inferior to that of the leader of this class - the car Honda Jazz.

Model Skoda Fabia (reviews of experts confirm this) is laconic and functional, in addition, all the materials used are of very high quality.

Among the innovations should be noted and built-in connector for iPod. It is located near the parking brake lever.

New Skoda Fabia (reviews of owners on this also indicate) is distinguished by its elegant interior. A stylish leather steering wheel is included in the "small leather package".

The car has a fully automatic electronic climate control system, and all you need to do to the driver is to set the temperature. The system itself is able to determine the force and direction of the airflow.

The new model of the car Skoda Fabia (reviews of car owners say this) boasts a huge number of different compartments for different things. These compartments are located almost everywhere: in the door panels, under the seats, in the backs of the front seats, in the front panel, in the trunk, in the center console.

The manufacturer significantly improved the safety of the new Skoda Fabia car. The feedback from specialists only confirms this. As a new option, curtain airbags are provided. In the event of a collision, the curtain creates in some way a "wall" along the side of the machine. Thus, the passengers are protected from behind and in front from serious injuries.

In the event of an accident, the "emergency" and light in the passenger compartment are automatically turned on, the central lock is unlocked, the fuel pump is switched off, the fuel supply is disconnected from the fuel tank.

Car Skoda Fabia. Specifications

The car enters the Russian market only with gasoline engines. The model provides a three-cylinder engine (sixty-nine horsepower) 1.2 STP. The motor is equipped with catalysts, two lambda probes. Machines are also available with four-cylinder motors 1.4 16V (eighty-six horsepower) and 1.6 16V (one hundred and five horsepower). These engines are equipped with 2 lambda probes and 2 catalysts.

On all motors of the Skoda Fabia car, an OBD self-diagnosis system is installed. In addition, the engines are equipped with one of two types of mechanical box (according to the type of motor). In both boxes, the gearshift is accurate and easy enough. Inside the interior, vibration noise or motor operation is almost not audible.

For those who prefer an automatic box, the manufacturer provides an opportunity to order such a model. However, in this case, the car will only be available with a 1.6 engine. For this engine will be installed six-speed box "Tiptronic" with the possibility of manual switching. In the Skoda Fabia model, the transmission fluid is not replaced. In this regard, the gearbox does not require special maintenance.

In all models Fabia power steering, double side and front airbags, front electric lifts, central locking, as well as a mechanism for adjusting the height of the driver's seat.

The car has adaptive headlights. Spotlights are used in the spotlights .

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