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Than to remove rust on a bath?

Bath - a household item is quite a long time. The approximate period of its suitability is at least 15 years, and often much more. It is very unpleasant when rusty stains appear on the bath, which are difficult to remove. But, as they say, nothing is impossible, the main thing is to set a goal, and the result will not be long in coming. So, than to remove rust?

To return the outwardly unsightly bath to life, there is a whole arsenal of various methods with the use of both modern cleaners and time-tested home recipes using improvised means. Let's consider the most effective of them. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the bath is really rust, and the proof is red-brown spots. In contrast to the spots of white, green or blue, indicating the presence of calcareous plaque.

Among the great variety of traditional, and sometimes far from ordinary ways of removing stains, you will surely find the one suitable for you, which will help to solve the question "how to remove rust from the bathroom?".

  • For example, the use of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. The procedure is carried out in protective rubber gloves. Mix four tablespoons of flour and vinegar, add eight tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and leave for several hours, after which the stains are wiped with a conventional abrasive sponge and washed with warm water.
  • If the stains are old, you can use a tire degreaser, sold at any car store, which removes stains very effectively even from old baths.
  • Than to remove rust still? For this purpose, you can use ordinary baking soda, which is simply sprinkled on a damp bath, after which it is cleaned with a sponge and washed with warm water in sufficient quantity.
  • In addition, a harmless remedy is the use of lemon and salt. On a rusty spot, salt is poured, poured with lemon juice and left to work for several hours, or even better - overnight. Then lightly wipe and rinse with water.

When none of the described means is suitable, but the question "how to remove rust?" Has not lost its relevance, it makes sense to consider several more options for removing stains. You can apply a usual bleach. For what the bathtub is lined with paper towels and immediately bleach is poured on them. This method requires an excellent ventilation system in the bathroom. After a while, the bleach is washed off with warm water in large quantities and its remains are wiped off with a rag. With a minimum of effort, it is easy to achieve quite good results. One thing: this method is not suitable for removing stains from porcelain and plastic baths.

To remove rust will help and such a proven many means, like oxalic or orthophosphoric acid. In addition, the drug is quite budgetary, in contrast to household chemicals, which often smell good, but to a great regret this ends what they do with success. Low-effective and, at the same time, expensive means are often poorly suited for dealing with serious pollution. Thus, to purify the bath or shell, a solution with a 5-7% content of orthophosphoric acid is prepared. A distinctive feature of the resulting solution is the lack of the need to exert excessive effort. It is enough to spray it or apply it with a sponge to the walls of the bath and leave it for a while, then just wash it off with water - the result will be obvious.

The mistress's reputation is saved, since she now knows how to remove rust, and she will certainly take advantage of at least one of the tips given in this article, and a sparkling white bath will characterize it exclusively from the positive side.

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