Is it free? Is it like?

хорошо раскрывают синонимы. The meaning of the word "freely" is well revealed by synonyms. It can be attributed to obsolescent concepts that are rarely used in everyday life. Let's get acquainted with this rare word closer.

Related words

To close in value are: easy, free, free, at ease, without constraint, etc. As can be seen, "free" is a word of very wide significance, and its application can enrich the lexicon of any person. Let's consider some areas of its use.

Examples of using the word "freely"

In his poem "Who Lives Well in Russia," Nekrasov uses the word "freely" in combination with the word "fun", as if clarifying its meaning. . In combination with him, we can say that it is free - it's carefree .

Close in meaning will be the phrase "like a fish in the water" and "like a bird in flight." так, как должно быть в идеале. Analogy makes it possible to understand that " freely" is the way it should be in the ideal.

When a person is in a well-known, familiar and comfortable environment for him, where there is nothing dangerous or creating difficulties, where you can relax and have fun, you can say that he is at ease.

The words "will" and "privilege" are similar in sound and partly in the composition of this word. These words create a parallel with exemption from obligations, for example, in the tax sphere.

In some countries it is practicable to stimulate entrepreneurship by granting tax incentives for the first few years of activity, or if the entrepreneur is engaged in activities that are the state's priority. This allows a novice businessman to feel more confident and quickly settle in his chosen field of activity. используя льготы и послабления, принимая помощь, имея покровительство и гарантии на случай неудачи. Applying the concept to this area, it can be said that it is free - it is using benefits and indulgences, accepting help, having patronage and guarantees in case of failure.

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